Hanoi- winter

January 13, 2009 Crystalicious 7 Comments

To answer you all: I'M STILL FINE even though the weather is very cold here in Hanoi but i'm not death yet. I still can blog, ok? There have been some of you sms me to ask: "How are you?" How everything? What are you doing? How is the weather? How is your family?, bla bla bla... So many "how", lolz...and I couldn't reply each because costly :D and am lazy typing again and again the same sms, so here you go! I landed in Hanoi in the afternoon 3pm on 8th becaused after staying in Hochiminh on the previous night. Even in the afternoon, and it was sunny but the wind was still so cool and strong. Now it's the winter time. Luckily there wasn't rain, it was just dry and cold. My parents of course were at the airport with my uncle and cousin. The relatives couldn't rekon me after so long time i've not seen them and i've changed a lot too. Everyone looked at you one kind, lolzzz...(*funny). I had a reunion dinner with all relatives in that night itself. Wah, I ate until my tummy alsmost wanted to explode. I didn't snapped any photos at that moment. Then the next day, I went to visit my ant clothing shop. When i was in chilhood, i used to go back hometown and help her to sell clothing. Was i hard working? Lolz, no ah...Actually, I loved the moment she gave me a new cloth each time she got a new stock, hahahah....They all were very nice. The one i was wearing also from her shop too coz i dont have any winter clothing yet, hehehe. Next day was the day for shopping and friends meeting up. Yeah, as i always said, i love to shop in Vietnam so much. Everything is so cheap and various. I went to the market to buy clothing materials, went to buy fruit, managed to visit my dancing fashion tailor. Here are some of samples. Maybe i'm gonna start a new partnership with this shop owner soon for my fashion business. Some of my close friends were waiting til the evening just to see me. I haven't seen them for 2 to 3 years. Oh ya, picture was taken at my ex-dance partner's studio. As usual, everytime i went back, they had to take me to eat :D Perhaps, they are afraid of i'm gonna forget the vietnamese cuisine :D. When you visit Hanoi in winter, you shouldn't miss the chance to try the steamboat. There are so many type of steamboat that you couldn't find in Msia or some other countries: i.e: chicken steamboat, duck steamboat, vegi steamboat, seafood steamboat is just a normal food here, etc...The one i tried here is duck steamboat
And this is called "boneless grill duck"...
This one is "shellfish soup and vermicelli", my ex-partner took me to eat in the afternoon. This is also one of famous rice noodle in Hanoi besides beef noddle:) but perhaps none of tourists knows if without the guildance of local people. The 3rd day, i came to visit my God-son, you see how cute he is. When seeing a kid like this, i could just hug him whole day, kiss him until he gets angry, lolz....So cute and lovely! This is his mother- a little girl (to me) younger than me 2 years old. We had been staying together last time. She is now a fashion designer too! The next day, I went to visit a temple. It becomes a habit, whenever i have time, i'll go to visit this temple because i felt that this temple is hidenly having a spiritual connection to me. It's hard to explain but yet it's is. The temple names: "Tran Quoc temple" built up on the lake, a very huge lake of Hanoi where couples like to go here for dating and enjoying the wind and the view. I couldn't take any photos inside, so I took the photo outside ok :D. The view from the temple to the lake. This photos was captured at 5pm in the sunset :)
And here i am:
Next post, it's gonna be happening New Year preparation and Celebration as my Dad told me, this year the whole family is gonna travel a lot. So i hope i could have something interesting in this New Year! Btw, thanks for all the text, msg, email...I'm still keeping you guys updated! No worries!


  1. Anonymous4:23 PM


    who's the taller girl...i fall in love...heheheheh

    nice picture

  2. That's my friend. Why suddenly you fall in love? because she's tall is it, lolz

  3. Hanh Ngo7:53 AM

    Oh, you are in Hanoi. Too jealous of you then. I like the tailored dancing dresses, don't really like the colors but i guess they must have many more other styles, don't they? Please post more pixs of them if you have :D. I am thinking how i can have one of them. Too far!!! Take care and enjoy your time at home.

  4. Hanh Ngo, why don't u support for my dancing fashion? I also make dancing dress, u don't know :D

    Check out my site:

    What size you are wearing?

    I will be staying in Hanoi until 7th Feb only then i fly again lor :D

  5. Hanh Ngo12:56 AM

    Omg, didn't know you make dancing dresses. I am checking your fashion blog. Let me tell you, i love your dresses, even much better than the ones in the shop in Hanoi. I think I kinda have the same body like you with a good curvy spine and belly :D. Just love the NCDF-204, even though i am not really confident about the upper part of my legs, yours look much better lol. Love the NCDF-009 and NCDF-010 too, not showing too much :D. Wondering if the NCDF-009’s neck could go downward a bit and more open. Also wondering if NCDF-010 could be in black. May really need to contact you later if I need professional-look dancing dresses. Currently still go for Latin dancing sometimes with casual school clothes :D

  6. Hey Hanh Ngo, wow, you are really a dancing addicted gal huh :D Good!

    The NCDF009, gotta make a new one if you order and the NCDF010 also. If your size is same like mine is shouldn't be problem, coz all these dress are stretchable.

    NCDF204 is one of my favorite type. So many people loves it leh when i worn to perform :D

    I'm having few new coming out costumes, just don't have time to upload all yet. Will do it after new year, then let u know.

    Btw, how is the New Year celebration there ?

  7. shasha11:12 AM

    great travel here.I'm going to visit Vietnam, but as I googling around and came across, it stated the visa is only for single entry, does anyone know is there any way to get multiple entry visa? Currently I'm in Malaysia. need travel more than 1months.any help?