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February 24, 2009 Crystalicious 5 Comments

...I didn't blog anything new so far. I know that I'm supposed to post 2 days 1 entry or at least 3 days per entry but well as the number of visitors in my blog has gone up steadily ;) (I knew it), but I got tons of works need to do. And I knew some are so desperated for my latest photos, lolz...Here you go! I satisfy you all. This was done by my own hard work, my own creation. Hence, copyright is printed in each photo and don't expect to copy my idea ever, hehehe....Just enjoy them! OK? I am still doing the complete collection for about 100 photos i have with different themes, different feelings and different angles. These photos are just some samples of my collection. Hopefully it's gonna be great!
First collection: Purple Crystal Second collection: The magical fight! Third collection names: Cold sky
Fourth one: Lonely sunset :D
Fifth collection: The angel cave!
Does anyone have any comment on my photoshop skills? :p Coming up will have other collections, i still haven't come across about what is the style yet. Will definitely update once they are done. Just wait and see! Love ya all!


  1. Anonymous4:09 PM


    how really beauty you are...meanless to me coz...still hoping hug and kiss by you

  2. Jacky4:16 PM

    This is incredible! you are fantastic babe! :)

  3. White Crystal, I did not know you wear the Ao Dai, You look great la, Should have brought a set when I was photographing you.

  4. @ Serembanz: Wow, you seem never give up huh, lolz. Ok, 1 day i give u a big hug friend :D

    @ Jacky: Thanks, you are my big Fan :p

  5. @Sky Dancer: I actually have 2 sets of "Ao Dai". Wanted to do photos hooting also, but I was just afraid if i brought all that day, we would probably finished the shooting until 2am in the morning:p. Too many :D. So i just brought the latest ones.

    Nvm, next chance then.

    Thanks a lot for your help >^_^<