My holiday time!

2 weeks have passed. Gosh! Time flies so fast. My holiday is running out of soon :(. I only have 5 days left to be home before I start my new journey in life. Everything is so great so far! I had a very fun time with all friends, students and family. Sleeping, eating, traveling, being taken care so well and enjoying work-pressure free. How good! Last week, i went to the beach with my brother and his friends. He made this trip for me as I wanted to introduce me to his friends whom was heard so much abt me before. It was on Saturday! Unfortunately due to the impact of typhoon, it was damn heavy rain until it was flooded in front of my house in the morning. I was so disappointed and sad. However, God loves me. Yes! It stopped raining in the late afternoon around 4pm. And our journey heading to the beach was still On as planned. Weather was abit gloomy, cold and foggy as in this photo:
but this couldn't stop us from going. We took a motobike to go there. 10 of us together on 5 motobikes :D Enjoyed so much the wind and the view on the way. Me and my brother! The wind blowed my hair! :D The beach is pretty near to our house, just 20 minutes drive! Here we are!!! The welcoming gate to the beach! It names Do Son beach *see my pinky glasses*
my funny, cheeky brother made fun of the light :D So love him! Can you see the buffalo statue behind me? THIS IS WHAT DO SON BEACH IS FAMOUS ABOUT!! Every August of the year they have the very big buffalo fighting competition in Do Son. This attracts thousand people from all over cities of the country to come and watch. The winner buffalo and the looser one will be killed at the end of the competition because they can't be joining the competition next year. People will take their meat and sell out to the market. The owner of the buffalo winner will get some amount of money as the prize. You gotta watch it to believe it! CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO Ok, back to my trip! We didn't plan to go to Do son to watch buffalo fighting, we went there to each seafood and enjoy the sea view. The main road leads to the sea! The food here is super delicious, tempting and cheap! See this First thing i have to talk about here is BEER! Yeah, RM3/ bottle like this! Can you believe? The first dish: Steam oyster with ginger and chili This is dried cuttle fish fried with spicy and sweet sauce Big Crabbies :DThis is called LALA in Malays, and you know what is their English name? It's called: ANADARA GRANOSA, bloody long huh? :DThis is one special kind of prawn which i haven't found out the real name of itThis is the oyster poridge, yummy! My brother enjoyed so much the COCONUT WINE And here, the big eatersAs usual, shooting session. Yeah! :D. This time, my brother was photo grapher. Lolz, he was so funny, try to turn here and there and find the good angle for me, lolz.... HERE YOU GO!
OK, daddy is asking me to go back home now. See ya later in a next post Ciao~




I'm sorry for late update. It's been 4 days since i arrived Vietnam. Everything is still fine so far. The only thing i did during the last 4 days were: waking up at 11am in the morning, having lunch, having a afternoon sleep and going out for shopping, eat again and sleep again. Super fatty i feel, lolz but it was cool, yeah! i'm not sure if it still continues this way, will i be getting on weight? Whatever, time to relax huh? Yeah it's me here, the latest look :) The weather here is super hot and humid as it's summer time now. Arggghhhh, so much hotter than in Msia. Rite now, i'm having a cup of vietnamese coffee and blogging... no stress, no pressure, no worry...How nice! :) Wonder what is my plan in next 2 weeks? Hmm, you're gonna envy me: My brothers and his friends will bring me to the beach, this is the beachy season in my hometown. Lotsa people will go there, i will eat seafood until i get fainted coz eating too much, lolzz...go shopping with my friends. I will be teaching of course for 1 week plus and will have a short vacation with my students. Not sure where about but i'm sure it's gonna be very fun and happening. Can't wait for it. So yah, basically, i'm enjoying so much my time right now. It's so good to be home after 4 years plus i've been living far away from family. This is the longest time i could spend with them ever. But no doubt, i miss Malaysia too :o(. I miss all my students, my colleagues, my works, my life there :o( Will be back soon, I can't wait for the gathering with all my lovies :)




I have no ideas what to blog about even though there are so many things happening to me right now. A big change is all I can say. I'm still so sad for leaving all my students and friends in Malaysia...I need to take sometimes to get used to a new life from now.

I left Malaysia at 3pm in the afternoon on 14th April. I was supposed to reach Singapore at 8pm but there was an unexpected event happened. I was kept by the immigration officer in Johor for 45 minutes. Not because of I was wearing heavy makeup with sexy clothes (i was still sick by the way). I was questioned for being overstayed (one day) in Malaysia. On my passport, it stated the last day I could stay in Malaysia was April 14th. I thought If I leave Malaysia on April 14th, I should be fine.  Had I known that I would reach Johor Baru (JB) custom at 12.30am on April 15th ( I left at Kula Lumpur at 4pm approximately and it took 8 hours to reach JB, I would have left on April 13th. Technically, by April 15th 12.30am, I was still in Malaysia and that was a problem. The immigration officer named Faroug told me so. The consequence? "You could be in jail," he said.  No one, even the most experienced traveler, could stay calm when he was told that he could be in jail for offending the law. I was freak out. Perhaps, he saw how terrified I looked, he offered an easy way out. RM100 (USD25) cash penalty and it solved the jail sentence like a magic trick. Faroug was kind enough to help me catch the next bus to Singapore.

While sitting on the bus, I still couldn't believe what just happened and how easy it was for me to get out of a dark night. I reached Singapore around 10.30pm. Starving and exhausted. A kind gentleman, who could potentially be my boss if I passed an interview with his partner the next morning,  was waiting for me at the bus station. He asked me to come to Singapore for an interview and waited for more than 1 hour at the bus stop. He arranged a nice the hotel for me to stay,  bought me a yummy frog porridge and cold crab for supper. This was the first time I tried a cold-crab and they tasted so delicious.

This is my hotel room 

Besides missing Malaysia, everything is fine with me so far. I can't wait to go back to Vietnam and see my parents tomorrow after I finish the interview. I'm going to stay in Vietnam for 3 weeks and if I get this job that I'm going to interview for tomorrow, I'll start my new life in Singapore. Otherwise, I'll figure out something else. I don't know what yet, but we shall see! Good night!