Hue (part3)- The best place for photography.

June 29, 2010 Crystalicious 0 Comments

Like I mentioned earlier, the part 3 of Hue trip is gonna be shit load of 


You can't blame me for terrorizing your eyes, neither molesting the camera. It's just: There are so many beautiful places in Hue for me to cam-whore. I just couldn't stop myself. C'mon, in the other way, I was offering my FREE service to promote Hue for Tourism purpose. 

Indeed, Hue is extremely calm and peaceful city. View the photos to believe! Calm river, calm people, even the trees also dont move at all. *partially due to the hot-sunny weather and No Wind* But still Cool! 

There are many old palaces in Hue, the places where all the King and Queen lived in the old old days. I felt like watching those old China historical movies when I stepped in those places. 

Whoever is interested in antique stuffs, make a trip to go there explore yourself. If you can't for now, VIEW MY PHOTOS, HAHAHAAAA...

Posing for Perfume river!

Super nice and windy that day! It was about to rain actually and the sky turned dark very quickly just in next few minutes!
Like this! 

Gotta quickly cam-whore while it lasted.
I think my level of camwhoring is going up to Pro now, lolz

Posing for one of the biggest Palace in Hue *sorry, forgot its name*

"Those of the day" mode!

I love B&W photos! So artistically taken :D

Dont curse me, this is the last one

Enough to view or not? If not enough, I shall make the camwhoring part2, hahaha....

P/s: Still hang-over with the victory mood after winning the Dancesport championship last week! I'm on cloud still. Blog about the whole story soon later.