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The awesome party

August 16, 2010 Crystalicious 1 Comments

Sorry for not blogging lately, I'm too busy with many works and yet no inspiration for me to blog about anything yet. Thank God today i have three: time,  mood, and inspiration.

Not much words, just watch the videos and the photos. It was taken/ recorded from the Saturday before last week in Se7en1nch opening party.

I was super duper happy with many friends came to support. They came also because i've been terroring, nagging, advertising, shouting few weeks ago about the bar opening, the dance performances and etc....

So here are some pics from the party!

Beautiful and creative graffiti to the max at the entrance of the bar. Everyone's taking photo of it!

Some "red-carpet" moment with everyone! Me and Claudie

The salsa gang from left: Felicia, me, Claudie, Kim New and the lucky boy behind Wilson

Awesome cool and supportive colleague: Amberlene the one who acts chio in the middle. 

And the sweet cum. sexy ladies: Kelly- me- Joy

My party buddy: Lichi. Seriously difficult to pull him out to have party with me because he is packed of all party schedule i guess, lolz. Single and available yet handsome, lady?

The awesome Monkey King gang whom i had the MTV music video shoot with time ago. :D I was totally surprised and happy at their appearance. From left: JC (director)- me- Barun- Jeannie- Tai (rapper standing behind)- a friend (i forgot his name :p)

The crazy fun people: Ida- me- John (big joker)- Keisan 

and my MFP stands for Most Favorite Person :D : Keef who has tons of brilliant ideas in his brain. I'm so proud of you! 


Some pictures taken during my performances. 

The "New York" girls! Guess where i was standing?

Freestyle Latin- First time dancing without a partner :D Such a cool experience.

I can be a pole-dancer too :D

If any of you are currently living in Singapore or plan to visit Singapore, you can come to watch us live dancing at the bar on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. I will most probably dance in the weekend whenever i feel like, so do follow us on twitter and facebook and dont forget to say Hi when you are there!!!!

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