Finally, the longest competition that I ever attended "Singapore Dance Fiesta" was over yesterday. It was long, tiring plus exciting competition after all. It took a month for God's sake from 19th February to 19th March with 3 rounds: preliminary, semi- final and final. I bet not only the contestants but also the organizing committee members were tired as well. However, the result pleased all of us and I'm proud to let you know

We have won 1st runner up in Open Dance Category!!!! :D
We brought back home S$1000 cash, 1 set of Xbox Kinect, Media Player and 2 trophies :D
Now talking about money and prizes, everyone is getting jealous with me for sure. But do you know what we have gone through to achieve these? You wouldn't want to try, I bet! 

I and my partner, Michael Badong went crazy practiced everyday like two crazy kids. After bloody tiring 8 hours working, I had to rush back for 2 more hours practicing without taking dinner (sometimes) without fail. Body pain, sweat, bruises, weight loss, tiredness...That's all we went through. To the extend, I wanted to quit the competition because of the stress. Gosh! That was crazy, but somehow the strong mind and encouragement made me to continue to fight

Let me take you to look back at our journey from the start:

1. Preliminary round, 20th February at Marina Square.

It was only three days after our registration! We didn't prepare much and mostly relied on the routine that we have done a couple of times ago. That's it! We went to compete as if we went for performance. Saying this I mean, going for competition is very much different from the performances. Competition is where you are under the pressure of winning or loosing whilst performance is where people cherish and admire you. That's how different feelings they are. However, as we both are "over-confident" in ourselves *lolz* that's why we just went to show what we got. And yes, we made it to semi-final round! 

Getting my makeup done at home before the competition. Most of the time, my dance competition make up, hair do are done by myself. Not sure whether it's good or bad though, but so far, no bad comment, lolz. Anyone wants to learn? I don't mind sharing tips ^_^

From the start...


and spinning

till the end:

Everytime, we perform Showdance Salsa, I realize the audiences get so excited about our stunts, lifting and spinning. Look at my small but super damn strong partner carried me like nobody's business. Believe it or not, he can even lift me up on top with just 1 hand
Watch our dance if the photos can't satisfy you:

2. Semi- final round 5th March 2011 at Power House, St. James Power Station.
We knew that we were in final, hence the semi- final round was just a preview show to the final. Nevertheless, we put effort to give to audiences and judges a new dance: The Rumba. It was a dance of Love, very sad and touching Love. It even took some tears from one of the judges and I just love how the crowd reacted at the end of our dance. Priceless satisfaction and happiness! 

Also, going to the semi- final round, I had many friends, supporters came down to watch and support us. Here they are

Streetdirectory gang

Love them all! 

With my partner: Michael Badong :) I just love dancing and practicing with him even though sometimes I got annoyed because he talks too much, hahaha....But it was fun and Michael is such a talented dancer. 

On the stage

Didn't have many photos during my dance, but I managed to record a very nice video instead.


3. Final round 19th March 2011 at Power House
The party and competition got more exciting as there were only a few contestants to the final. My open dance category left with 5 of us and everyone was guessing who would be the winner. I didn't want to guess anything, headache! Just dance our way. Two days before the final, everyone was texting me, wishing me luck and sending many messages on my facebook wall. It made me so nervous when thinking if I couldn't win. Anyway, thank you to everyone, especially who were there with me on Saturday. 

See the similar faces? Yes, the Streetdirectory gang came to support me again in the final.  

With the boys: Hong, me and Eddie with his funny face, again. 

and the girls: Alicia, me and Jenny. 

Who is this little angel? 
My smallest, cutest, youngest fan, I guess :D. 

She was so attracted to my costumes and kept playing with the tassels. She just wanted to see me dancing and wanted to dance with me too. Want to know how she danced?
Here you go!

Lolz! No other word besides cuteness. 

Wearing my bangles with happiness and acting cute :D

At last, after 2 hours waiting, the result was finally revealed. I got nervous even more because I wasn't sure if I could win anything. There was a small accident with my costumes and my leg got cramped a little, thus the dance wasn't 100% successful as expected. Michael was even more anxious than I was. However, when the 2 DJs announced, we both were thrilled :D
We made it and we didn't let our friends, fans, supporters disappointed. Presenting to you our trophies ^_^, 1 BIG and 2 small ones :D 

Close up of the Crystal trophy. Happy to the max!

The winner took the stage. We look pretty outstanding because of our shiny costumes, lolz.

Last but not least, how could I forget this man

Keef and I. 
He is the best supporter of mine. Never fail in attending any event, dancing competition I have.

With Michael, me and Keef. 

That was it! It's over and the joy, memories are still in my mind. I still thought that I'm going for a dance practice tomorrow, lolz.

Thank you everyone who cheered me up, encouraged and supported me. 
Thank to the organizer for the wonderful event too. Such a great commitment and effort
Also, I must thank to the sponsors of this competition and now we can have Xbox to play and an awesome Media Player with 2TB to store all the files. Love it!

And now, stay tuned for the video of the final dance! I'll post it up soon

29th March 2011: 

There are numbers of photos during my final dance that I managed to get from internet. Pretty cool photos, courtesy of SAFRA team. Love the photos:


And ten, with 2 emcees from Power 98!

And here is the long awaited video :D


Crystal gadgets


OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!! I'm so excited :D

No, to be exact! I have been being bloody excited for 2 weeks til now. Guess what can make me so happy? If any of you have been following me closely on my blog, you probably know every times when I get a new thing, I'll surely blog about it. It's a MUST to share my happiness to people who love me and to raise the jealousy of people who hate me. HAHAHAHA *evil eyes*. This time is not an exception. I did have a new toy and this is the most expensive toy, most wanted toy of all time. Introducing to you, my new kid on the block:
Up close and personal view :D

Back view with 3" Touchscreen LCD! Slide the photos by your index finger, don't use middle finger. It's tough! 

Gorgeous side view of 18.3 mega pixels LIVEMos Censor camera comes with 14- 45mm lens :D. Forget about all the specs, who cares about the specifications of this camera, go search on Google. 

What attracted me most was the LCD screen is turnable. As such, I can just hold the camera and self- camwhore  anytime, anywhere without worrying if I'll snap an old man standing next to me instead of myself. 

GH2 is a MUST HAVE for any camwhoring addicts :D I salute the manufacturer for such a brilliant invention. I've heard about Panasonic for long time, however I always think Panasonic is good at LCD TV, fridge, aircond, yes? But once these Lumix LX5, LX10, GF1, GF2, GH1 and now GH2 were born, they've changed the mindsets of people about them. At least, myself! 

I've asked many friends of mine who are professional photographers. Most of them recommended me this camera GH2 and obviously, they made me more and more crazy over this tiny compact gadget. I asked, searched, tempted to buy it on since the model wasn't sold in Singapore yet. Also, because it's pretty expensive, I hesitated until I happened to walk around Harvey Norman's store in Parkway Parade, the salesgirl showed me the GH2 just arrived their store at hell attractive price. That's it! At that moment, I'm sold completely. 
Not only buying the camera with standard lens 14- 45mm lens, I even "kiasu" bought extra the 45-200mm lens for zooming purposes, lolz.  
Total lost: S$2,3xx -_-

Kinda heart-broken by a big hole in my pocket, but the moment I took out the camera and tried some shoots, I thought It's totally worth it.

Enough, time for photos:

There are too many functions, shooting modes in this camera which I haven't had time to explore yet. I'm just so in love with the iA (Intelligent Auto) and the Multi-colors shooting mode, I used them most of the time :D

1. Shooting an object

Little rockers in the house :D Keef's collection

An artistic blurry shoot of me with the rock band at the back. I'm looking like a giant monster next to them, lolz.

Mongolian baby boys and girls. Cute! 

Another Mongolian baby couple in their traditional cloths. 

Shoes in the madness!

Mini bar at home! 

My little lucky and wealthy crystal tree.

Dried roses from Valentine's Day til now. Super love the color even they are all dried but not dead yet. 

Crystal's light. How beautiful! Yes, Crystal is always beautiful hehehe.

2. Scenery shooting

Spent a whole day today at Marina Bay Sands walking, shopping, eating and casinoing with Keef. At the end,   S$140 was gone to the casino :(

Sea view from our house living room! Beautiful scenery :D

And this is what I have after using the 45-200mm lens. I think I can shoot far up to the ship so, hey sailors! you'd better change your cloths while the door is opened :D

Beautiful view from Marina Bay Sands

The building looks like a human palm is Art Science Museum. 

Singapore Durian :D, *just kidding* It's Esplanade 

Took a walking photo of Keef from the back :D

Beautiful nymphaeaceae! 

3. Portrait shoots

I did not do any color enhancement on any photo. Amazing? You can even see every single strand of my hair is shining.... Now you know why I love this camera so much hor

Another portrait shoot with the LCD screen was turned toward me :D So easy job! 

Ok, last photo of myself! This shoot i did before my dance competition last week :D

That's about it! Wait til I learn more about this camera then I'll show you more different photos, I'm sure it's gonna be cool to the max. And oh, have I told you that this camera has another awesome function yet? It comes with HD 1080p/ 24fps video recording function. Kill me lah, why must be so fantastic you, GH2? That's also one of the reason makes me want to get this camera so badly. I mean, seriously, you all know that I've been doing quite alot video recording lately either for advertorial or filming purposes and now LumixGH2 just makes my life so earlier with all these jobs. Mommy love you, GH2! Muahx....

That also means you guys can expect a higher, better quality photos and videos plus an spectacular editing skills *ahem* from me. My skin is very thick so I don't mind people criticize that I'm praising myself, lolz...

Did I ever say that there will be no shitty photo on my blog? I did! One more time.
Just wait and see. Now, off to bed! Bye!