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Ok, I guess people are going to get jealous with me even more after this entry . "Why do you keep having free holiday trip, party all the time?" are the common questions that I received recently. But trust me, there is NO FREE LUNCH in the world, you gotta work your ass off to achieve something in your life. I've been working so damn hard, now it's time for me to relax and enjoy. At least, you all still can travel for free though...my blog, lolzz. So stop complaining!

Last 2 weeks, I was offered a 1 day trip to Bintan (Indonesia) to attend 16 hours non-stop Foam- Beach bikini party by FashionTV. So, this was the second time I visited Bintan, stayed in the same hotel  *FML and my first visit wasn't exciting hence I was very reluctant to go at first. However, since FashionTV arranged everything from ferry, pick-up service, hotel, food, drink etc for me, I finally tagged Felicia Neo to join me and party together. 
Poster of the event was circulated online months ago. Nicely designed and happening looking :D

Felicia and I at the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, waiting for boarding. Just woke up face, Felicia and I still got hangover from partying at the night before. Party animal, lolz

Reached Nirwana Resort Hotel. People were busy preparing for the party at night, we quickly ran into the backdrop for a quick pose. 

Desert after buffet dinner. So yum! This time, I gave 7/10 mark for the foods at Nirwana Resort Hotel. 

Talking about FashionTV party is talking about their significant F-Vodka. Love the bottle color, design and of course the taste of the vodka too. 

Camwhoring in the hotel room before heading out for a videoshoot. 

Debbie, Felicia Neo and I: happy- go- lucky girls. We didn't know Debbie til we checked in hotel room even though she was sitting right behind us on the ferry. At first, I thought this girl is pretty kinky but actually she is not, very cool and fun girl to hang out with. Lesson: don't just a book by its cover!

Time for the party and works! 

We actually gotta dance and be models for FashionTV filming to promote Nirwana Resort Hotel also FashionTV party. Like I said, nothing is free but thank God this wasn't a tough job at all. In fact, what we did was partying while filming. I bet everyone wants that. 

Me striking a pose in front of the restaurant. 

with FuFu- Artistic Director of FashionTV. We communicated over emails most of the time and I kept thinking he was Thai guy, lolz....Surprised!

Zai- videographer of FTV on duty. There are numbers of videographers that night but he was the one filming us most of the time. 

As 3 of us is the first group started, hence wherever we went, we drew attention of everyone around. I'm not sure whether we looked weird, strange or sexy, lolz.

Paparazi :p I snapped photo of them while they were shooting us. So fun!

After our introduction shoot, this was when the party started.

Beautiful model in their bikini show. The catwalk was built in the middle of the swimming pool, super beautiful 

Like VS's angels

Another creative lingerie collection. 

G-String and Ass for you, pervert! Go and masturbate yourself

Ok, last photo of the models. It just so depressing to look at those legs, wtf! 

Now, it's time for short-legs to show
Shoot by Fufu, photoshopped by Crystal. I edited the color, lighting only. Curves are original *ehem*

Thank to Fufu who made my legs look damn long now, hahahaha...This photo was taken at approximately 3am in the morning, the party was still going on til 7am. I couldn't stand any longer, feeling sleepy plus tired of standing and walking too much, I left the party at 3 plus to my hotel room to sleep. Felicia was completely drunk and already deep in sleep :D

Next morning, we had a breakfast and a walk around the resort before going back Singapore. It is a pretty beautiful resort indeed.

After party.

Blue sky + blue water

Beautiful view from here. Love my camera GH2, it doesn't trouble me to edit or enhance the color at all, so smart ass gadget

Walking along the beach, the heat was crazy that time. 

Muahxxxx from Bintan 

So that's how my trip ended. It was just 2D1N trip but it had so much fun, memorable things. Thank to FashionTV especially FuFu for arranging everything. I can't wait to watch the FashionTV clip about this party. I'm very sure it's gonna be very entertaining. 
I shall end this entry here and make you hate me more with this holiday schedule

June: 4D3N trip to Krabi (Thailand) sponsored by FHM (Singapore)
July: 3D2N trip to Hongkong sponsored by Streetdirectory (Singapore)
So damn excited :D