May 13, 2012 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

I can't believe there are so many people curious about and interested in knowing what did I buy in Bangkok. And they even knew how much did I spend there. What an era of speedy information spread. So to answer all those "What did you buy?", "How much did you spend?" questions, I'm gonna sum it up through a short video that I'm about to share with you guys in a while.

Initially, I thought of just taking photos of all the stuffs I bought but I ended up being so lazy while looking at them and being astonished "God! That's a lot".  It took me three weeks to get this video up because I had to re-shoot twice. The first video took me an hour and a half to finish filming, and when I was about to turn off the camcorder, I realized the camera wasn't in recording mode at all. That meant; I had been talking about nothing for an hour. Can you imagine how pissed off and frustrated I felt? And I didn't want to continue to re-shoot so I left it undone until I found my mood to shoot that video again which was another week later.

Anyway, some of you have already watched this video as I posted it up a week ago on Youtube. Whoever hasn't done so, please watch it here and enjoy.

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What do you think about my picks? Many people love it, and I've been wearing all the clothes that I bought for the past three weeks without any repetition :D. I think my shopping skill is getting better and better. A friend of mine even suggested me to be a personal shopper: going for shopping and getting paid. That sounds like a good idea. :D 

Last but not least, people asked me "How much did I spend on this trip?". The total amount is  S$1000 which equals to 24,907 BAHT. Some said "OMG," some said "It's alright. Average!" I don't know. You tell me.