Crystal's Closet: Weekly Wardrobe (Ep22)

September 12, 2012 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Hey my loves, 

How is your week going on so far? I've been terribly busy last couple of weeks: so many enquiry emails, blog advertorial, events and stuffs. I sleep earliest at 1am every night and wake up at 7.30am every morning yet I still haven't finished all things that I'm supposed to do. -_-

Anyway, here is a short recap of what happened last 2 weeks. Sorry for the delay though. 

Monday, I got back Singapore late afternoon and it was raining when I landed. The weather made me feel so emotional and lazy. All I wanted to do was to sleep but I just couldn't. There is one thing that everyone hates the most after every trip is unpacking the luggage and doing your laundry. So do I! I spent entire evening clearing up my dirty cloths, resting at home and getting ready for the next morning at work. 

It was incredibly busy yet exciting day at work. I was wearing one of my favorite outfit sets from Brooks Brother. 

Get this look: 
Floral button shirt: Brook Brothers. Similar: Olivia Moon
Skirt:  ModCloths US
Shoes: Barbara Bui

At night, I was invited by BrandStory to attend exclusive blogger event with FANCL- a skincare & make-up brand from Japan. It was really an amazing night. I had chauffeur service picked me up right at my doorstep. 

There he was, my personal driver of the night. 

Arriving at the event. First thing first, posing for the camera :) I was wearing BEBE dress which I bought last year from my LA trip. One of my favorite dresses. 

The night was all about Fashion, Beauty, Nice foods and Nice people. I will blog more in details about the event later in the next entry. 

Got load of products to take home to use and after using it for 2 weeks, I think I have become one of loyal fans of FANCL. Their products are so good for Asian skin. 

Bun-up hairstyle with rounded neck chiffon shirt and DIY collar necklace. Many people were asking where did I get the necklace from :D

Get this look:
Chiffon shirt: Forever21. Similar: Mc Alexanda McQueen
Pants: Michael Kors
Shoes: Charles & Keith. Similar: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Pachebel. Similar: Eddie Baur

Pin up hair and natural makeup for the day. Less is more! 

I was invited to attend the Fashion Launch of a local fashion brand called ZARDOZE. They sponsored me a very beautiful gown for my Singapore Blog Award appearance 2 months ago. 

Photo taken during red-carpet moment. :)

My outfit of the night. BEBE dress again. I'm a huge fan of BEBE. Did my own hair and makeup, what do you think?

Zardoze fashion show. I love all pieces in their collection, so elegant, so sexy and beautiful. Also, on Thursday, something exciting came to the mail box. 
My sponsored accessories from Strings of Glamour. Don't forget to check them out, they have pretty nice stuffs and they are cheap too. 

Got into the sweet and innocent look with the white lace dress and vintage accessories. 

Get this look!
White dress: Forever21. Similar: Zac Posen
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Belt: Madewell

Spent entire day to have a photoshoot with my friend photographer for the weekend outfit post. It was tiring but it was fun. As you all know, I love the camera (and the camera loves me too), so having a photoshoot is never a job. It's a pleasure! Or indirectly, I'm saying that I'm such a big cam-whore *lolz* but who cares what people think. You just do what you love to do and enjoy doing it. 

Get this look
Maxi Dress: Club Monaco (similar) 
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Necklace: Strings of Glamour
Earrings: Fantasy Jewelry box    Rings: ASOS
Handbag: Michael Kors
Belt: Reiss (similar)

Last but not least for today blog post, I want to introduce to you this new baby of mine. Welcome to the Crystal's fashion family, Jessica Simpson's hot heels ^_^. I got really excited when I saw Jessica Simpson's heels sold in Singapore. I'm in love with all of their designs, styles and comfort and I have been eyeing on their products for longest time ever. Couldn't believe that I could find them at Wisma Atria. Super happy to the max. The red hot chili high heels costed S$179 (on sales) but you will know it's totally worth spending when you wear them on. 

Muahxxx! :D 

That's all from me today. Before leaving this website, please don't forget to join my Giveaway HERE and share it with your female friends. Every woman needs and deserves to look beautiful in many ways. It's just a little extra effort to make the differences. 

Stay beautiful as always and I'll get back to you very soon.