Crystal's Closet: Weekly Wardrobe (Ep12)

Hi everyone!

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Can you believe that June is ending soon and half of the year was gone just like that? Have you managed to achieve your goals? I read back my post about my New Year resolution and sadly, I managed to do only 3 out of 14 :(. Some of the goals changed due to circumstances and they were no longer achievable this year. I don't know when I can accomplish them. Nevertheless, certain things I would never expect, it happened. I'll reveal it in the year end blog entry later.

So here is my 2012 Resolution list

Click at the image to zoom.

Now back to my last week wardrobe. 

Have you ever thought of rocking leopard skirt or pants at work? Leopard outfit is claimed as a wild, sexy and hot outfit and It usually worn in the party, at the night club only. Why don't we make a difference? I love leopard dresses, pants or shirt but I gotta say they are picky pieces. You either pull it off or spoil it all. So here is how you can mix and match your leopard bodycon skirt. I chose to wear with lace shirt from ZARA. Double- sexiness to sizzle up the boring office atmosphere. 

Get this look:
Leopard bodycon skirt: Forever21
Lace black shirt: MSGM
Heels: LE SILLA 

Even though Singapore is hot all year round but that day was extra-ordinarily hot, that when we all knew summer was here. I wore floral shirt and bodycon skirt (my favorite) on that day. Trust me, floral outfit will be a trend this summer. 

Do you like this Sweet- Young- Thing look? Get the similar look here:
Floral shirt: Forever21
Bodycon skirt: Forever21
Wedges: GUESS

Wearing one of my favorite dresses from BEBE. I decided to wear this dress because I thought I would have a media press conference on that day so I didn't want myself to look so underdressed in front of many cameras and media people. However, thank God I didn't make my way to the venue because when I double-checked my calendar, the event would happen in a week later. So embarrassing moment!

Get this look
Silver metal sripe dress: BEBE
Shoes: Steve Madden
Clutch: Karen Millen

Wearing this casual fun T-shirt when I was at home. People on twitter asked me if I was trying to promote for Breast Cancer Prevention Campaign or something, lolz. That's cute!

Went for sweet and elegant look with white pants and pink ribbon shirt. I got creative with my hair that day

It looks complicated but it's super easy to do. I've filmed my first hair tutorial, will upload it soon once I'm done editing. 

 Get this look:
White pants: VERSACE
Ribbon shirt: Forever21
Shoes: The Island Shop

Ran around the island in this statement stripe pants, simple tank top and a cardigan. I love how strong this pants makes me look and feel. Literally, every time I wear this pants, I like to create a strong, independent and active image of modern women by accessorizing it with bad-ass accessories like chain necklace, big belt and wide bangle. It's amazing how certain piece of cloth can give us so much imagination, creativity and characters. Other people might wear this in a elegant, feminine way, I don't know.

Get this look:
Stripe pants: Derek Lam
Knit tank top: Forever21
Cardigan: Cotton On
Accessories: Forever21
Shoes: Forever21

That's all for this week episode. Feel free to give me some comments and share with me your favorite outfit at the comment section below.

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Have a great weekend everyone!



Crystal's Closet: Weekly Wardrobe (Ep11) and an awesome VERSACE bag to win!

Hi guys!

another brand new episode of Crystal's Closet is here. I know I've kept you guys waiting quite long for this blog post. To be honest, I was literally so busy last 2 weeks with my works and getting prepared for my 1st giveaway ever on my blog. So stay tuned at the end of this blog entry to find out what you are going to win. ;) It's a great stuff. I'm so excited!

First of all, let me share with you guys what were the amazing outfits I wore 2 weeks ago

I wore the beige embroidery shirt from G2000 which I bought long time ago and I've only have chance to wear it like 3 times so far. But I love it! Actually I love every pieces of cloth in my closet and I just don't know which one to wear *womenproblem*. 

I also just bought a very sexy and pretty fringe skirt from Forever21. I ever made 1 skirt like that for myself before but it's mainly for dancing and I sold it away already -_-. Would you be interested in watching a tutorial of how to create this skirt?

Get the similar looks: Shirt: James Burse
Fringe skirt: Forever21 
Layered necklace: Forever21

Click on the link if you want to buy any piece that I feature. 

I got chance to rock the lime green jeans for the first time and it's coincidentally match with my summer fruity shirt from Dolce & Gabbana. I don't see this unique shirt sold any store in D&G here in Singapore so I assume that mine is the one and only piece here :D
Get this look
Jean: AG Jeans
Fruity shirt: Dolce& Gabbana

I love this photo. I was wearing chiffon ruffles neck shirt and print bodycon skirt from Forever21. Talk about the pink brick background, I and  my manager were heading to my client's office for a meeting and we saw a very old red brick wall at their area. My manager told me this background was not nice but I insisted him in taking one photo for me. It turned out to be so beautiful after being edited by me, pinkish and pretty. 
Get this sweet look:
Bodycon skirt: Forever21
Ruffles neck shirt: Stella McCartney
Pumps: Le Silla
Handbag: Pachelbel

Took this beautiful photo of the sky when we were on the way back. This photo keeps reminding myself of being positive, hopeful and faithful to whatever dream you have in your life. No matter what obstacle comes along, there is always the solution for it. We just gotta believe in ourselves, keep hoping for the best and look out for more options. Don't give up so easily in your life! Success only comes to those who know how to be patient and to wait.

Weekend was near, I decided to go simple on Thursday with simple earrings, accessories and dress. One of the color-block white-grey dresses which I bought sometime ago and I couldn't remember where I did buy them. I happened to find the earrings and the ring which match exactly with the dress. Shopping power!

TGIF! However, Friday is usually the busiest and most productive day for me. I usually have to run around to different  places. So here goes, my running an errand outfit for Friday. Chiffon sleeveless top and wedges.
Get this look:
Chiffon shirt: Forever21
Shoes: Nine West
Accessories: Forever21

At night, I and my girl friends chilled out at Holland Village. It's always good to gather with your besties once  in a while. We talked about many random things in life, we got tipsy :D

I and Alicia.

Sun-tanning by the pool and swimming. It's like a stress- released therapy to me. 

I like sinking myself underwater and staying there for 10- 15 seconds to feel my own breathing, floating movement. Things seem stop just right there: the speedy time, worry, stress, sadness, frustration and etc....It always makes me feel good after that. Have you ever tried that before?

Yes! That's me 2 years ago. 

Casual look with floral shorts and cute T-shirt "I may not be perfect but parts of me are pretty awesome" :D

And now, this is the most awaiting moment. I shall not let you wait any longer. It's GIVE AWAY time!
To celebrate my 10th weekly wardrobe episode and to thank you for your continuous and hidden support, I'm going to give away this beautiful Summer handbag from VERSACE.

"What? Versace? Do I read it wrongly?"- No you don't. Here it is!

Versace is one of the premium fashion brands in the industry. With this bag, it's gonna be one of your best friends for summer. So, how to win this awesome handbag? Here are the steps:

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Winner will be randomly selected and announced on 14th July 2012. One entry per person only. Giveaway is open to Singapore and International readers. So hurry up! 

Lastly, thank you so much for being here with me for almost 6 years. By September, my blog will be 6 years old already. I know it's freaking long. How fast the time flies. 

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Any of you are obsessed with handbags? If you are are, then we are in a same boat. What I'm about to share with you will probably make you excited. Unlike an ordinal handbag, this actually is a multi-functional handbag with good quality. Ladies & gentlemen, I am presenting to you a versatile bag called

The Wild Chic

Two weeks ago, I was presented a black handbag (in the middle) and I've been using it everyday to work.
You may say: What is so special about this bag since we are already spoiled by Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach etc...Of course, there are special things:

First of all, it's a local bag designer label Pachelbel. Yes! I'm supporting local brands and designers. Their philosophy mainly focuses on

Quality - Utilization of high grade vegan materials, great finishing and workmanship
Functionality- Designs crafted after the demands of the modern women in their daily needs and lifestyle
Sustainability- Promote the message of animal sustainability into fashion

They design not only handbags, but also wallets, accessories. So you will have many choices when visiting their boutique at 3 Temasek Boulevard (Tower 3) #02-102, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983 

Second, like I said earlier, they offer their customers a style of vegan fashion, the very first one in Singapore. They are promoting animal sustainability within the local fashion community, using animal friendly ingredients like polyurethane leather, nylon and jacquard fabrics into their fashion final products. I thought that's pretty awesome and impressive. 

Third, there are so many compartments in the bag, OMG! I've been looking for, and always wanting a bag with many compartments so that I can put all of my important and non-important stuff in. When I first looked at the Wild Chic, I was completely sold. The small little bag that has 9 compartments, 2 exteriors zip pockets and 7 interior pockets. Tell me which bag gives you that much space? 

Fourth, there are so many colors for you to choose: purple, pink, red, blue, black. It's a perfect choice for any colored outfit of the day if you feel like being fashionable and stylish.

Fifth, it's a very versatile bag to serve many different purposes. For a working lady like me, I need this bag to carry all my files, documents, and personal stuffs. Before having Wild Chic, I used to carry 1 handbag + 1 laptop bag everyday to work and that's disastrous. My shoulder gets hurt every time I finish work yet I don't know how to bring less thing to make my bag lighter. I need all of the files, the laptop, the personal stuff. Now, the Wild Chic bag is my best friend. For you ladies, if you have kids and need to carry diapers, milk, baby powder to go out, you need that bag. There are so many pockets for you to store stuff wherever you go, whatever you do, and it's always useful. 

Here is the beautiful bag I got to take home. 

There is also a travel tag attached to the bag. You can put your name car or your Ez Link card when you travel. Super convenient and handy!

Beautiful heart shape crystal key chain
 After putting them up all together, 
Here I was, at Pachelbel shop with my lovely new bag.

And this is what I meant "functionality".  It has 1 very special pocket for iPad. I spare 1 pocket for the umbrella because the weather in Singapore is unpredictable. 1 pocket for hand phone, 1 for namecards and the other for cosmetics (lipsticks, face compact powder)

One exterior pocket, I keep files, documents that are needed for my works.

The other is still empty because I don't have anything yet to put there. 


and travel tag which is still empty too :)

When I showed this bag to my girlfriends, all of them loved it and asked me how much does it cost? I know you have the same question too. The retail price is S$189/ piece. But guess what?

Pachelbel is generously offering to you (my loyal readers) 10% DISCOUNT on all items at their boutique and a FREE travel tag worth S$29 in black or brown color! So all you need to do is tell them that you are from CRYSTALPHUONG'S BLOG. Isn't it lovely? But hurry up because this offer is only valid for 2 months from the date of my blog post which is from 18 June to 18 August. Hurry up!

Don't forget to check out their website, follow them on twitter and like their facebook too!
Stay Chic always!



Crystal's Closet: Weekly Wardrobe (Ep10)

Hi everyone!

Do you notice any thing special from the blog title itself? OMG! It's finally episode 10 of Crystal's Closet :D That's crazy! Thank you so much for following me on my fashion journey. Also, special thank to all my camera men who helped me to take many nice pictures :D. You know who you are that I am talking about. Thank you! Muahx muahx...

Like I said, to celebrate this 10th episode, I'm gonna have some giveaway and special gifts to give to you (my readers) so, watch out for the next blog entry and find out how to win it ;)

Now! Here are the last week outfits after I came back from Vietnam. It's so hard to start your working engine after a long holiday but somehow I managed to catch up. There were so much works & meetings to finish that I even forgot to post my daily outfit photo until the day was almost over. 

However, you are not gonna be disappointed! Here you go!

I actually didn't know what to wear so I just quickly grabbed my navy spandex dress and brightened up the color with a pair of pink shoes and pink belt. I know right? When you have so many choices, you'll not know what to choose. Women's problem! It turned out not too bad at all. Simple but still tasteful (to me) :)
 Get this look! 
Dress: ASOS (similar)
Handbag: Michael Kors
Belt: Madewell 

I bought this dress sometimes ago at Far East Plaza too if I'm not wrong. The only thing that attracted me was the blue T-shape on the dress. I thought it's quite cool, playful and sexy. And I paired up a blue wedges to match with the detail on the dress. People gave me compliment on this look and I wasn't sure they complimented on the dress or my shoes or something else. Small details sometimes can make big difference. 

 Dress: Far East Plaza 
Wedges: ZARA
Accessories: I was wearing black bangles & earrings. Alternatively, blue accessories works perfectly too. 

As I wore blue on Tuesday, I decided to go for red color on Wednesday. I love wearing dresses but somehow my friends say I look good in pants too so I please them time to time. I follow the quote "Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others"

Get this look: 
Vintage chiffon shirt with pearls: Unknown coz I can't remember where did I buy it from
Pants: ZARA 
Belt: ASOS (similar)
Shoes: Chloe (similar)
Accessories: Pearl earrings. 

Cloud 9 photo. Took it when I was on the airplane. When I was small, I always looked up to the sky and wished "If only I could sit on the airplane just one time to see how beautiful the clouds are". I was poor and I couldn't afford an air ticket to go anywhere. Now, I made it and I lost count how many times I've seen the clouds. Dreams do come true! Just don't stop dreaming. 

I went to Pachelbel 's shop at Suntec to get the handbag they sponsored me. I love the bag so much because it's so convenient, useful and beautiful. I'll blog about it more in the next entry. Do check their shop at No. 3, Temasek Boulevard #02-102 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983, they are having awesome promotion right now.

 I wore this beautiful A-line fitting dress together with yellow belt and gold accessories. Color-blocking pairing technique, yes! It always makes your outfit stand out.
 Get this look:
A-line dress: Unknown. Going to be sold on Crystal's Closet online store soon ;)
Accessories: Forever21.
Watch Michael Kors

I seldom wear yellow but I can't say No to this gorgeous Hi-Low dress. It's popular trend this summer. I love how the dress flies up when I walk. This dress itself is perfect choice for any beach occasions. I didn't want people in my office to think I would go to the beach so I decided to go low profile by wearing a blazer outside and completing with a belt on top. Simple and sweet!
Get this look:
Dress: Forever21
Blazer: H&M 
Shoes: ALDO
Belt: ASOS Curve
Earrings: ASOS

I spent one whole day shopping at ZARA, Forever21. Feel so guilty! Anyway, I brought some of these beautiful pieces home. You'll see them next week.

 When I go out in the weekend, I usually dress up very casually like loose top, denim short etc...Why not? It's once a week chance I can wear my favorite short to run around, I must make full use of it :D

Get this look
Denim short: Forever21
Loose top: Nichii.

Took this photo at Zara's fitting room :p

So, that's all about me. Do you have any favorite photo of yours to share? Leave the link at the comment section below. Don't forget to check back this blog again for next week surprise. I'm having some good giveaway stuffs. ;)

For now, stay chic & have a great week!





Summer is here! Besides working on your wardrobe, what else do you have to rock this summer? I've got my own checklist and I think these are the most essential items every girl should have
  • Summer dress (long or short)
  • Short, T-shirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Big hat 
  • Sunblock
  • Tanning lotion (for those who love sun tanning)
  • Bikini
  • Long lasting make up (which brand is the most recommended?)
  • Slimming. You probably ask "What summer got to do with slimming?"

I'm telling you now. 

Last week, I received this lovely basket from Maybelline and The Body Shop at my office and it simply made my day. They are going to have their new awesome products sold in store in July. What are they? You are gonna love them after reading this post. 

Maybelline Clear Smooth B.B Stick

I'm given two different shades to try out and both work perfectly on my natural skin tone. One is natural color and the other is slightly brighter. I have been using it for 2 days already and I must say: IT'S SUPER AWESOME!

These 2 little sticks at S$17.90 each make my Dior foundation which costs me S$70++ cry in jealousy craving for my attention. Why? 

10 reasons why I am in love with this B.B stick

1. It's super affordable. Don't tell me you don't even have S$18 to spend on your face.
2. Super lasting oil control. Oh yes! I've been using many different foundations, most of them are quite expensive ones but NONE satisfies me when comes to oil- control. When I started using this B.B stick, I thought it would be the same. I was wrong! 
3. Hydration. Nothing to complain about.
4. As smooth as silk. That's exactly how I felt after I applied B.B Stick. Because it provides matte, shine free finish ( I strongly recommend you to use matte B.B cream during summer especially for oily skin), it gives you the most velvet smooth skin ever. 
5. Pore size reduced. You'll see the amazing result later to believe in my after make up photo.
6. Reduce redness. 
7. Comes in 2 natural shades that don't leave behind grey cast. It leaves behind wearable color that stays the entire day and doesn't oxidise

Two natural shades that are so close to your natural skin tone. Love it! 

8. Super convenient to use and easy to carry around. 

9.  Blend well into your skin. I would recommend you to use brush instead of sponge or fingertips. You can see the difference on my left and my right face, how bright and smooth it is.

10. Not forget to mention, B.B stick also gives you a very glowing and healthy skin. See to believe!

Other than this awesome B.B stick, Maybelline also sent to me their 2 latest lip balms to try out. Baby lips.

Mango and Cherry smell. If you are going for a date and craving for a kiss from the guy you admire, wear this lip balm *wink*. 

Yes! This is my dry lips (on purpose) before putting on the lip balm. 

Forget about the normal basic lip balms, this has SPF20 formula to protect and moisturize your lips for a full 8 hours. 

I'm gonna apply it everyday because it's said to renew and reborn our lips after 4 weeks. But honestly, I didn't have to wait that long, my lips instantly shined right after I applied it. Don't believe it?

Here you go! Light make up face with just Maybelline B.B Stick and Lips Balm. 

You like it already, I know and I'm sure you will not regret buying this product. Remember to visit Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, hypermarkets in July to grab these awesome stuffs.

Enough attention for the face. What about our body? 

Don't forget when we talk about summer, we'll talk about swimwear season, sunbathing, beach vacation and so on. What is worse than not being able to fit in your favorite swimwear because you are out of shape?  Prevention is always better than cure.
Introducing to you the one and only product that helps you to firm and tone your body up: 
Spa Fit by The Body Shop.

From left: Intensive Toning Concentrate, Skin Perfecting Toning Massage Oil, Smoothing Refining Body Scrub, Tea Tree Pore Minimiser, Toning Body Massager.

The Spa Fit formulas are packed with orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit oils. These super effective, super fragrant naturals smooth and soften your skin and revitalise your senses day after day. Also, 74% of women said their skin felt smoother. Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub (picture above) and Spa Fit Massager are used to stimulate and exfoliate on your arms, legs, thighs, hips and buttocks areas. To get the best result, try to run a cold shower over your legs from ankle to knee.

Toning Massage Oil is used on your legs, thighs, stomach and arms 

together with the Spa Fit Toning Concentrate to get the best result. 
Don't forget to jot down your before- after measurement to see the difference. I'm sure you'll be pleased to see the result. 

This summer, I've had 3 new things to add in my beauty check list already and I hope you found yours too!

Stay pretty always!