Crystal's Closet: Keep Calm and Dress Up Cool!

Hi everyone! 

Don't you realize that January is ending very soon? The first month of 2013 was gone just like that. Where did my month go? It seems our time is getting shorter and our life speed is getting faster and faster everyday. Sometimes, we are too busy to chase for things and are swept away by all the stress, worry, problems in life. We never have time for our self to relax, enjoy what we are having. 

In fact, I was driven crazily last month and this month due to my work load, commitments and targets. I felt so stressful in beginning of the month that I couldn't have good sleep for few days. Sometimes, I wish January could last a bit longer. On the other hand, I wish it could end really soon so I could call it a month and relax. Anyway, I'm almost there. *counting down*.

Back to my outfit of the day, I decided to put on the "Relax" sweater which I bought a while ago and layered it with a floral shirt underneath. In fact, Sweater- Shirt- Jeans pairing is very popular trend that is favored by many fashion bloggers and I'm not an exception. I find it so effortlessly stylish and cool yet comfortable and relaxing. 

 Unique location for our photoshoot today :D

 Accessories are always a MUST but don't go overflow. A fancy arm-candy and simple necklace would do the job.

Floral shirt: Brooks Brothers
Colorblocked sweater: Forever21
Heels: Jessica Simpson 
Accessories: Forever21 bracelet- 
Alexander McQueen Skull Bracelet- 
Crystal's Closet leaf necklace.

How do you find this outfit? I know Singapore weather is too hot to wear this but you can always find very light material shirts and sweaters every where. I love this outfit and I'm going to rock it again when I'm in Vietnam next week. 

I hope you enjoyed some fun photos we took today. Thank you so much for reading my blog and always remember: RELAX!



Crystal's Closet: This Girl Is On Fire.

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update from me today as I don't have time to write much. It's getting really tough for me to do many things equally good at the same time. I have no idea why recently I blog so often as if it's my full time job, I just do. The more I blog, the more I feel passionate about how to make my blog better, to grow it bigger and bigger.

I've met more advertisers recently and I'm just so excited about some collaborations coming up. I'll reveal soon when time comes *wink*.

Today was such a hectic day. I ran to meetings after meetings and I didn't have time to eat until 3pm. No matter how busy I am, however, I'll never forget for an outfit of the day shoot whenever I can. 

I was wearing nude color suede skirt (one of my favorite skirts) with chili red blouse and nude pointy toe pumps. I don't know why but I love pairing beige/ nude color with red. The beige color really brings out the redness but also tones down the loudness at the same time. 

High waist flare skirt emphasizes on your waist area and gives extra femininity 

 Gold choker necklace to highlight the outfit. 

Little red here and there. 

Nude pumps can never go wrong with any outfit. 

Complete your look with a pair of matching colored earrings. 

 and a SMILE: That's the best accessories a girl can wear. 

Red blouse: Bebe (Similar here)
Skirt: Crystal's Closet (old)- Similar here or here
Pumps: ALDO (Similar here and here)
Accessories: Forever21 necklace - Forever21 bangle (old) (Similar here) - Forever21 ring (old)

Hope you like the outfit and I'll come back with more creative outfits and pairing soon.
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Crystal's Closet: Underneath the big tree

Last Friday, I was having a meeting with client at their premises located on top of a hill in Phoenix Park  and that's where we got all these beautiful photos taken. What I love about my job is the ability and flexibility for me to visit many different places in Singapore in a day. It gives me many great locations for my outfit photoshoot. You have seen quite many of them so far and this is one examples. 

When we were at Phoenix park, I & Alicia had hard time to find the right location because it was too sunny at 2.30pm outside. Some good locations were occupied by people, vehicles, etc...At last, we found a big tree near by the car park area and we decided to make it as our back drop for the photo. This is how it turned out.  

Dress: BEBE (old)- Similar here
Swarovski watch- 
Swarvoski transparent bracelet - 
Forever21 bangle (Similar here)

Looked like I was standing in the forest, a garden or something but it's wasn't. How beautiful to see such greenery area in the heart of the busy city. They make us feel so relaxed and refreshing.
Weekend is over and we are now getting ready for a new week, to achieve new goals and target. I hope you have a pleasant and fruitful week ahead. Will talk to you again soon!

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Crystal's Closet: Pretty in Pink

Hi everyone,

The previous blog entry of Crystal's Closet, I talked about my winter white outfit and was lucky enough to have my outfit featured on Pose (a popular fashion community for fashion lovers) together with Catt Sadler (E-news host), Chriselle Lim, Anna James from Fash Boulevard and many other well-known fashion bloggers around the globe. I felt extremely honored. 

But now, winter is about to end soon. Time for Spring, the season of love, rebirth, rejuvenation, regrowth. Personally, I think all the pastel colors, floral trend are going to come back and before it happens, I have my very own Pre-spring outfit pretty in pink.  

Chiffon pink blouse and black pencil skirt are always the most wearable pieces for anyone. 

Adding more details with the lacy gold necklace. 

and a simple spiky bracelet with matching color rings 

Black & gold belt to accentuate the waist. 

That was my simple Pre-Spring outfit I wore last week. In two week time, I won't be able to wear such soft and light outfits, instead I will be covered up with faux fur, leather, legging, boots and socks to protect myself from the 8-10degree Celsius all day long in Hanoi. I'm so excited about this yearly trip even though I hate staying in the cold for too long. Will update you guys more photos of my winter outfit when I'm there :D

Thank you for reading, guys. Please don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY that I'm currently holding. I'll announce the lucky winner on 8th Feb (when I'm in Vietnam).

Have a great weekend and good luck!
Blouse: Forever21 (Similar here
Pencil Skirt: Moschino
Wallet: Guy Laroche (Similar here)
Shoes: Old (Similar here)
Accessories: ASOS rings- Forever21 necklace (similar here)



Crystal's Closet: Robot print!

I got this robot printed blouse a week ago but didn't have chance to wear it until yesterday, when I was finally able to show it off :p. As the name described, the cute robot face printed on the blouse caught my intention when I first saw it on the seller's website. It is too cute and unique. Fashion is when you dare to be different. I haven't seen anyone wear robot printed outfit before so I assume I'm different from the rest, lolz. 

In fact, we caught a lot of attention from the passer-bys when we were trying to take some photos by the river. Would you feel awkward if people keep looking at you while you are busy posing? I DON'T, hahahaa...That's how thick our (fashion bloggers) skin is. Or we are too used to it. So regardless of the numerous stares, we still managed to complete our mission. 

Here are some photos we took:

Printed blouse: Wholesale7
Pants: ZARA (Similar here and here)
Sunglasses: Coach 
Handbag: Oasap
Shoes: Pierre Hardy - Forever21 necklace (old)  - Gucci belt

Weekend is around the corner and whether you have had a good or bad week, I hope you will keep your fighting spirit up high. Enjoy your Friday and weekend with your loved one. 
Thank you so much for reading and loving my blog. Do share it around, please! :D

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cobalt blue,

Crystal's Closet: Royal peplum dress and statement necklace.

Peplum dress is so hot trend right now, it's a va-va-voom kinda outfit that you can't just ignore. It makes you stand out from the crowd. I'm a big fan of peplum outfit and I can tell you how many peplum pieces I've owned: peplum top, peplum skirt, peplum dress, peplum blazer in many different colors, print and styles. But yet, I still feel that it's not enough. 

I love how this little extra fabric at the waist line can create such a flattering body shape so effortlessly sexy and classy. It's like you just need to put a peplum outfit on, you'll have immediately dreamed hour-glass figure. Not just that, it helps to hide the imperfections around the lower belly which most women have. 

Yesterday I rocked my navy blue peplum dress with a statement necklace to work and this is how it looked:

 If you've never worn peplum dress before and are not confident enough, I suggest you can try a dark monochromatic style. It won't draw too much attention but still give your body some credits. :)

Adding emphasis with the geometric statement necklace. 

Arm candy

and simple earrings. 

That's pretty much it. You don't have to do too much work when wearing peplum outfit. It does speak on it own and the only thing you need to worry about is: BE CONFIDENT IN IT. And oh, when somebody snaps a photo of you, don't forget to do The-hand-on-your-hip pose and smile :D

I hope you will find this entry interesting and share it around with your friends. If feeling inspired enough, perhaps you can try one peplum dress on and see how it looks on you. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for reading, again.

Peplum dress: (Similar here and here)
Necklace: Lovisa (old) (Similar here)
Pointy toe pumps: Manolo Blahnik 
Guess watch




Sponsored post

Hi everyone!

I hope you already had a sweet working week. But even if you didn't, I'm gonna give you some sweetness in this blog entry. There is something awaiting for you at the end of this blog entry, so make sure you read til the end and find out how to get it. 

Last week, I visited an intimate boutique located at the heart of Haji Lane, one of the narrowest streets in Singapore that has many small boutique shops selling many quirky and unique items, lots of colors and lots of bargain too. 

A short staircase with tasteful decoration took me to the 2nd level where the shop is. Once stepping inside, I immediately fell in love with the place. The shop interior and decoration made me feel like I was in a princess room. Let me take you around: 

 Fitting area. 

 Too beautiful not to take any photo here

That was also my outfit of that day going to the shop. It was a long busy day with meeting after meeting and this one was the last. Finally, I could have time for myself to enjoy and to shop. Yes! Shopping is always my stress-released therapy. 

Getting some cupcakes, anyone? These cupcakes are for women only but if you- men wanna have a bite. Go ahead! 

They are not real cupcakes, they are panties. Hahaha! 
I know right? The owner is such a creative person to come out with such an idea. I thought they are real cupcakes too at first. 

Now, the main "dish" is here! Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to 


It's lingerie & fashion boutique after all, I'm not gonna let you wait any longer. There is something very special about their lingeries here. They are sourced from all over Asia especially designed by a Lingerie Designer whom is a friend with the shop owner. Their lingeries are even exported to the hard-to-please markets like Japan & Europe. 

Look at all the collections here. 

Am in love with all the lace detail, the color combination, the smooth material and the stylish, sexy design. There are basically 3 main collections of bras for now : Sweet Floral, Basic Seamless and Sexy Lacy.

 Love your bras because they take care of your boobs :p

New bras for New Year! These gorgeous bras could be yours. The store is having promotion before Chinese New Year, so be sure to visit them this time to get a good deal. ;)

Besides lingeries, Sweet Dessert also sells other fashion related stuffs i.e shoes, belts, handbags, accessories to men and women. So don't worry if your boyfriend will get bored when he accompanies you, he can shop for himself too here. I love some of their men's shirts (upper left row), they are super nice. 

Time to try these Goddess on! 

Sweet Dessert is so generous, they let me to take many stuffs home. I got for myself 1 beautiful lacy corset, lingeries sets, bikini and etc....I'm going to show you some of my styling ideas from their lingerie sets.

1. Sexy & Mysterious. 

I used to think corsets are not so comfortable to wear because of their bones that restrict you from bending or slouching. But when I tried the Sweet Dessert signature corset, it gave me totally different impression. The material is so soft that it makes you feel like touching your tummy and back nonstop. It fits perfectly into the body and compliments our body figure. Most important of all, it's so comfortable. 

If you are reluctant to wear corset because its sexiness, I've got the style tip for you:

Pick your favorite corset, pair it with your favorite blazer and jean and don't forget to add on some blings jewelry if you plan to go to club or party. 

This style is classic, professional, sexy and so feminine. 

2: Girl on Fire. 

Nothing can beat the hotness of red lace lingerie. Since Chinese New Year color is Red, I decided to get one set for myself. It's our custom kinda thing. But it's also because, this lacy front-opened bra is too beautiful to miss. 

Got some accessories to go along. 

and the special black gloves handmade by myself.

3. Sweet Floral

I'm super in love with this set especially all the floral details embroiled on the thong and the bra.

 4. The Dream Girl

One of their highlighted products is sleepwear that comes in 2 different colors: Yellow & Orange. They do have many other designs to choose from. I just love this. You'll feel like a princess when you put this sleepwear on. 

Accessories are for illustration purpose only. But if you put on a long denim jacket or cropped jacket with a shorts underneath, you can wear it out for a party too.

OK! Enough with all the talking, now it's time for SHARING! I'm very excited and happy to share with you what SWEET DESSERT has offered to us: 

60% OFF for any lingerie set as below for only CRYSTALPHUONG blog readers. So be sure, you mention  my name when you shop there. On top of that, you will get additional 15% OFF if you buy 3rd set from this rack. Limited sets available so if you come in too late, I'm sorry! There will be no more bra set for you. 

You want to know how the lingerie set looks like? Here it is, up close and personal:

The material is super comfortable and soft. They have many different styles i.e sexy style with lace, or sweet style with ribbons, etc....You'll not feel disappointed, trust me!!!

Other than this great deal, you will also be entitled for 10% STOREWIDE as long as you mention my name. Make full use of it!

I'm not done yet, this is one greatest thing, SWEET DESSERT is giving away to one luckiest bog reader of mine a beautiful Bikini Set as similar as this one:

This is the set I chose for myself, not for giveaway, *lolz* but you'll get a chance to pick one bikini set that you like most from their store. Here are some simple rules to enter:


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Giveaway is open to Singapore residents only. Closing date is on 8th February.
I'll pick randomly and announce the winner on my blog on 9th February.
Good luck, everyone!

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