Hi everyone,

This is going to be a very short blog entry from me as I only have 1 hour left before heading to the airport. I'm going to Houston tonight if some of you already heard me mentioning on Facebook/ Twitter a week ago. It was a crazily busy day for me today. I had only 9 hours to finish my 3 meetings in the afternoon, to get my nails done, to buy a laptop bag and of course to pack. Well, guess what? I completed all the tasks in 7 hours only. I'm so proud of my multi-tasking skill, lolz. 

Now, when I'm having some time to relax and not to worry about anything. I START FEELING EXCITED about this trip! My boyfriend has been asking me many time "Are you excited?" but I was too occupied with things to feel anything. The only one thing that I'm not excited about: 28 hours flight :(. 

I'll keep you guys posted whenever I can, but til the next blog entry (which I don't know when), here is the outfit post for you:

I wore this floral bodycon dress to work and finished it with a blazer for a semi-formal look. My job requires me to meet with many advertisers, clients, sponsors in a day so dressing up formally is usually a must. Fortunately, I don't have to strictly follow black pants- white shirt kinda corporate outfit everyday, so I have my freedom to wear whichever is appropriate and looks good on me.

This is one example. 

Turquoise & gold arm-swag. 

A big smile for the day. 

And the super sweet floral handbag from Kate Spade. 

Oh, I also managed to find my old statement necklace which happens to match with the colors of the flowers.

When taking off the blazer, this would by the type of outfit I will wear for the night out. 

What do you think about this semi-formal outfit? Please leave me some comments in the comment section below.

That's all for today, guys. It's time for me to go to airport, I'll talk to you guys real soon.
Floral dress: Forever21 (old)
Blazer: H&M (Similar here)
Handbag: Kate Spade (old)
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Accessories: Lovisa turquoise bracelet (old)-  Forever21 spike bracelet



Crystal's Closet: Hot Pink & Lace

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a relaxing weekend and your new week will be great. My weekend was full of activities and events. I was invited to Spiffy Dapper, a vintage bar just newly opened along Boat Quay on Friday, went to attend the OMG Paradise Cover Girl Search contest on Saturday night & went for dance practice on Sunday. I was supposed to attend another beauty event on Friday, but I had to cancel due to my tight schedule *sad face*.

For some reasons, I always receive so many invitations to events, product launch, blogger party, etc.... when my traveling date is near. I'm traveling again, yes! Now, I can finally announce: I'm going to Houston (US) for 1 week of holiday. 

As usual, before I travel, I always have tons of things to accomplish and that also means, the new week is going to be crazily busy for me. Oh well, it's good to be busy, isn't it?

Nevertheless, no matter how busy I am, I will try my best to blog whenever I can. For now, here is the new outfit of the day post for you. 

Last week, I wore this fuchsia pencil skirt with lace blouse to work. The weather was so hot that even the lace material didn't help to make me feel any cooler. As you may know, I'm a huge fan of lace. I find it extremely sexy, classic and fun. When choosing lace outfit, don't forget to wear a camisole underneath so you don't distract from intricacy from the lace. 

 I gotta love any skirt with the back split design, so sexy! 

Brighten up the black lace with fuchsia statement necklace and arm-candy. Playing with colors & texture is my very often used pairing technique in my daily outfits. You've probably seen many of them if you have been following Crystal's Closet series. 

Lace shirt: ZARA (old)- (Similar here)
Pencil skirt: Forever21 (old) (Similar here)
Camisole top: ZARA (Similar here)
Shoes: Dolce Vita (old)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Would you dare to rock this outfit? If yes, simply click on the links above to the websites where you can buy all the items (similar ones) that I featured in this blog entry. 

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Thank you so much once again! I'll talk to you again soon.


Crystal's Closet: Stripes on leather

Hi everyone!

Crystal's Closet is back! Do you guys miss me at all? Since I came back from Ho Chi Minh (late last month), I had so many things to do that I didn't have enough time to sleep. I wish I could have 2 solid days in the weekend to do nothing but resting. That explained why my blog wasn't updated for past few days. Not an excuse for lack of blogging, I'm just sharing with you how my life has been :D

It took me 2 days to finish this short entry as I dozed off when I was writing it half way last night, lolz.

Anyway, let me share with you my new outfit of the day. 

 Just bought this striped shirt from Forever21 and the metal band belt from Forever New last week. And I called this look is: Forever Chic :p

I'm a big fan of chiffon shirts/ blouses, they are super light and soft to wear. It's perfect for super hot weather in Singapore.

Striped shirts are such a fun and dynamic pieces which are most commonly seen in men's closet: striped shirt, striped T-shirts, etc...But nowadays, you can see it everywhere. Fashion is getting limited-less. I myself love wearing striped outfit: striped pants, striped blouse even striped skirts. It adds in more fun and statement in the entire look. While vertical stripes usually make you look taller, horizontal stripes tend to give overweight people look even more overweight. So be carefully when choosing what stripe pattern is good for you.

The silver metal belt makes a highlight of entire outfit. 

I added on the statement layered necklace to polish the look  

and matching colored arm-candy, I'm good to go. What do you think?
Oh, and not to forget the cute handmade heart-shaped shell earrings which I bought it very long time ago.

Wanna get this look? Click on the link below:
Stripes shirt: Forever21
Leather skirt: Motel Rocks
Handbag: Oasap
Metal belt: Forever New (Similar here)
Accessories: Rayban sunglasses- Forever21, CC Skye spike bracelet
ASOS beaded black bracelet - 

Thank you guys for reading! I'll be back very soon with some exciting news to share. Hopefully I can reveal it in the next blog entry. ;)

For now, have a great fruitful day everyone! 




Hi everyone,

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Hi everyone,

I didn't realized that I was so obsessed with animal prints lately until I wrote this blog entry. Last blog post, I talked about snake skin outfit. This one is all about: Leopard print. Leopard print is always my favorite because i find it extremely sexy, fun and flirty but apparently, I don't wear it very often. I wear it whenever I feel like I need a refreshment. 

If you have been following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you've probably seen how I paired leopard print with other colors or accessories. For instance, if you want to add in hotness to your look, wear your leopard print with red color, if you want to tone down the loudness, try on white or black instead. This was what I was wearing last week: leopard blazer with white pants and white tank top. Sexy and classy!

As the leopard blazer spoke everything on its own, I decided to go very simple on the rest except for a statement gold necklace as a highlight.

Mix and match color, pattern bracelets to go along. 

Complete the look with a pair of sexy heels. Some people prefer wearing flat sandals, wedges for their comfort but for myself, a pair of high heels is a must to go with leopard print. 

Most importantly, a best accessories yet? A BIG smile! 

Blazer: Dorothy Perkins (Similar here)
Pants: ZARA (old) Similar here
Tank top: ZARA (Similar here)
Heels: Charles & Keith (old)
Handbag: Oasap
Forever21 spike bracelet - Forever21 statement necklace-
Sunglasses: Calvin Klein

Hope you like this wild look as much as I do. I actually have a big announcement to make but It's too late for me to write a long blog entry tonight (It's 2.30am right now). I'll share with you in the next blog entry.

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the wait. As some of you already knew that I went to Ho Chi Minh for a short holiday last weekend and I hardly had time to blog. 4 days there were packed with lot of sight seeing, tour and shopping. I'll share with you about my Ho Chi Minh trip soon when I finish editing 200++ photos. 

Here is what I wore 3 days ago when I came back to work: Snake skin on leather. 

Snake skin blouse: ZARA (old) (Similar here)
Black skirt: H&M (Similar here and here)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: Forever21
Sunglasses: Charles & Keith (Similar here)
Bracelet: Forever21 - Asos Skull 

Snake print outfit wasn't my favorite item that's why you hardly saw this wild animal printed outfit on me often. Until recently, I decided to try it on for fun when I went shopping and it turned out to be good, I started paying more attention to it and loving it. 

Again, not everyone is suitable for this unique piece. When it comes to snakeskin, the line between Devine and Disaster is very fine, you need to be careful of how you wear it. But not to worry, I have some simple tips for you on how to wear snakeskin/ animal printed outfit:

  • Pair your snakeskin outfit with a neutral colors i.e black, white, beige to downplay the boldness of the print. 
  • DO NOT wear snakeskin from head to toe: clothing, shoes, bag, accessories.
  • Keep the accessories subtle or simple and let the print does the talking. 
  • Pair snakeskin outfit with rich tone colors i.e burgundy, dark green, etc...

Hope some simple style tips here are useful for you just in case you love the animal print and not very sure how to rock it. If you have more tips, please do share with me in the comment section. 

Thank you so much for reading. 

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