Hi everyone,

I'm just going to make this blog entry really "short and sweet" before I catch my flight to Taiwan in 2 hours time. I must love you guys so much that even with the last 2 hours left, I'm still sitting here to update my blog instead of enjoying the movie and relaxing. 

Anyway, here is what I have to entertain you this weekend when I'm gone: 

Recently, I'm being obsessed with breton stripes for no reason. This magical and classic staple just got me so crazy that every time I go out for shopping, I'll bring something with stripes home. You've probably seen them everywhere recently: from fashion magazine, runway, red carpet, TV show or real life. Despite being such a popular staple, breton stripes somehow, still have a bad reputation to some people:  "Don't wear stripes, they make you look fat?". Does it sound familiar to you? How should we fix that?

Well, I managed to find out some style tips for you right here. Keep calm and read on! :)

1. Know your body size and shape.
The utmost important rule in picking any outfit is knowing your body shape. In this case, knowing your strength and weaknesses will help you to find out the most suitable stripes (in sizes, I meant) for you. Technically, I would not recommend if the stripes look so overwhelming on you. If you are petite like me, go for small size stripes.

2. Clean and lean. 
Since the top is already busy with lot of stripes going on there, I kept the bottom clean and simple with a basic white pants. Alternative option? Go for skinny jeans, pencil skirts. And oh, don't forget to wear your favorite heels too.

3. Colors. 
You can never go wrong with the combo black-white- red especially when you are wearing black-white breton stripes. I added more "flavor" to the entire outfit with the red beaded necklace, bangle and the red handbag. If you want to be less-noticeable, opt for black or white accessories. Other colors would work well with black-white stripes are neon, purple, or cobalt blue.

4. Layering. 
I found out one of the best ways to minimize the fear of wearing horizontal stripes will make you look big is layering. When in doubt, just throw your favorite jacket, colored blazer, trench coat over it and you are set. Better yet, you can wear an outerwear and finish with a belt to accentuate your waist.

5. Accessories. 
If striped outfit is too much for you, try something in small portion and work your way up perhaps? Appetizer sometimes tastes better than a main course. I would say a striped clutch, stripes shoes, striped scarf...would be good enough to spice your outfit up.

There are still plenty more rules to apply but I think these basic rules are good enough to ensure you are not going out of the way unless you wish to be extra-ordinary. And don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being different from others if what you wear makes you feel good and confident. Who knows you might be a next fashion icon? I'm not kidding.

I hope after this, you'll start loving striped outfit like I do. Trust me, this is the most versatile staple that could go with any style, size, color and race. I just bought 5 more striped blouses, I'll show you in next blog post. Please do share with me if you have your styles and ideas of wearing breton stripes.

Thank you so much for reading and I can't wait to share with you my first holiday experience in Taiwan. Please follow me on Instagram, Facebook to get latest update from me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Striped blouse: H&M - Similar here  and here
White pants: ZARA- Similar here and here
Heels: Charles & Keith- Similar here and here
Handbag: Love Moschino
Sunglasses: Police
Beaded necklace: Evans - Similar here and here




Hi everyone,

When Spring was just over, Summer came along to add in more colors, light and brightness to what was already perfect. Everything reaches to its maximum level of the vibrancy and beauty. I could by lying if I say Summer isn't my favorite color. It's the most "generous" season of the year that allows you to rock pretty much everything in your closet (except trench coat, of course): from bikini, skirts, dresses, sheer blouses, lace tops, shorts, jackets. Everything! 

One staple piece in my closet that I could wear almost everyday is pencil skirt and there is nothing more appropriate for Spring/ Summer than a floral pencil skirt. How to wear it? Let me show you my style:

Taking my floral pencil skirt to another sweetness and vintage heights by pairing it with a chiffon blouse with same color as the flower print on the skirt. My advice for this typical floral print pencil skirt pairing, keep the top minimal and let the skirt do the talking by its bold, loud print. Better yet, find a short-sleeved or sleeveless blouse instead as the long one might look too "uptight". Don't forget to tuck the shirt in as you want to appear neat and tidy. Opt for a skinny belt if you want to accentuate your waist a little bit more and you are set. 

In fact, floral print pencil skirts are very "easy-going" statement pieces that can be worn with many things for different occasions: going for brunches, shopping sprees in the city, business meeting or even going for a walk by the beach. All you need to do is to put them on and see how they make you feel and please be prepared: You might be head over heels for them like I do. 

Have you had any floral pencil skirt or ever worn one before? Tell me how did you wear it in the comment section below. 

Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog. 

Can't wait to share with you more of my fashion styles and tips in the next blog entry. 

Bouse: Forever21 (Similar here)
Skirt: ASOS (Similar here ) Other brands: Dolce Gabbana here and here
Heels: Jessica Simpson  (Other colors: Ivory)
Earrings: Max & Chloe (Similar here , here and here)
Forever21 bracelet- Forever21 heart rings (here and here)




Hi everyone,

This Summer, Levi's has something very sweet, romantic and girly surprise for us. Are you ready to find out? 

The iconic American denim label, responsible for the very first pair of jeans has started the first collaboration with Carnaby Street Shop Liberty to create a capsule collection wardrobe essential to bring Spring/ Summer to your doorstep. How exciting! 

When I first received an email from Levi's team and looked at the collaboration. I was stunned and only could say one word: "WOW". Never thought of floral prints could go so well with Denim, have you? This is genius and THIS is what we would call "Thinking out of the box". 

I always feel so amazed to learn about how do different fashion brands (sometimes from different countries and cultures) come up with the collaboration ideas based on each other's strengths and uniqueness to excite us. Talking about Liberty, they have been a leader in printed textiles and print designs in England since the late 1800s. Their huge portfolio of 43,000 designs to date are mostly originated from hand drawings and often inspired by floral, fauna and the exotic, oriental and Asiatic designs. As for Levi's, the 140 years old brand (since 1873) has become the most recognisable and intimated clothing in the world with their stores are in more than 110 countries.

With such strong foundation and rich history of designing iconic clothing both brands have, this collaboration promises to be one of a kind collection that is feminine and whimsical with a modern edge. While one is steeped in classic American style, the other has built a design legacy from artistic and creative melting pot that is so London.

Collaborating for the first time, the new Levi's® X Liberty London collection is as honest, frank and earnest as the path that brought the two brands together.

While Levis' re-interpreted their classic denim silhouettes, Liberty focused on the archival designs from '40s and '70s. There are two exclusive prints created for the Levi’s® X Liberty London collection. The hero print from the collection is called Carlin. This design of painterly garden flowers is inspired by a print in the Liberty archive from the 1970s. The print was redrawn with watercolour pencils and put into repeat design to create a painted, colourful, and flowing floral. The design is named after the Levi’s® designer Jenny Carlin who worked on the collection.

Kerr Bandana is the second print in the collection. The design is both floral and Pointillist in its appearance and is inspired by a painting from the Liberty archive that dates back to the late 1940s. The Levi’s® and Liberty design teams originally redesigned the Kerr Bandana print as a bandana design with a border, and then took the elements to laser burn the pattern onto the denim. The denim is then garment finished using an innovative laser technique to apply the design to the indigo. 

Overall, I would say the collection is a perfect match of American cool and British whimsy – girlie with a tomboy edge, the marriage of iconic fits and fabrics, fashion and arts. 

The Levi’s® X Liberty London collection features 11 pieces including the iconic 501® jean shorts, Trucker vest, a bustier and a small collection of covetable accessories ranging in prices from SGD$189.90 to SGD$399.90. The collection will be available at Levi’s® Lady’s stores (313@somerset #01-21,Bugis Junction #01-25/25A, Vivocity #01-191) in late June.

Below are some pieces that I love: 

For more information about the Levi's, please visit: Levi's website, Levi's 501 Interpretation website and follow them on Facebook

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Hi everyone,

Today I'm going to share with you another outfit pairing with the Glossi Eyewear which I believe everyone will find it simple and easy to create a style called your own: the Little Black Dress (LBD). When it comes to wardrobe staples, there is nothing more classic, elegant, sexy and versatile than a little black dress. I have so many black dresses in different styles, sizes, length and materials to rock for one monthlong without having to repeat. So I thought, it could be a big mistake if I did NOT attempt to wear any of my favorite black dress with the new favorite eyewear- Glossi. 

Last week, I and my personal photographer Alicia went to Marina Bay Sands late afternoon around 6.30pm to have our photos taken. The weather wasn't very co-operative as it was so gloomy after a heavy rain. I felt so disappointed -_-. Nevertheless, we had our photos taken quickly before the sky went completely dark. 

Looking at how the photos turned out, I couldn't complain much. Here is the story of my Little Black Dress met Glossi Eyewear. 

You've seen how I pulled off the Glossi Eyewear in many different styles before: business, casual, glamour and sweet but there is nothing like the style that you are seeing here right now. The same pair of sunglasses gave me a total new different character and personality: elegant, mysterious, serious and confident of a strong, independent woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. 

I've been wearing this eyewear every single day when I first brought it home in May. Whether I'm out for meetings, brunch, travel, shopping etc..., Glossi Eyewear has the amazingly unique and versatile factor that fits in any activity that I'm involved. As such, it is ALWAYS with me.

Besides being just a pair of sunglasses, Glossi Eyewear also plays an important role as accessories added onto my daily outfit. It does not only fit my face well but also compliment my face shape with its frame.

The photo doesn't do any justice but if you have chance to hold a pair of Glossi sunglasses by yourself, you'll find it extremely lightweight and glossy (as the brandname itself). Besides, the hand-stitching of Nylon string to join the frame front to the temple or top is another thing I love about this unique eyewear.

I guess, you just have to touch and feel it in person as words are not enough to describe how unique and brilliant of the eyewear, whom recently won the Red Dot Product Design Award 2012 is.

With this Little Black Dress outfit pairing added into my Glossi Eyewear Style Diary, I believe it has given you more and more ideas of how to wear your Glossi eyewear. I hope you like the outfits as much as I created them. If you want to get the same sunglasses like mine, visit Glossi website  to find out where you can get it and follow them on Facebook to get their latest update. 

Thank you so much for reading!

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Black dress: H&M - Similar here and here
Suede Pumps: Michael Kors - Similar here
Leaf ear cuffs: ASOS 
Gold necklace: Forever21 (old)- Similar here
Sunglasses: Glossi Eyewear




Hi everyone, 

I'm so excited about the look I'm going to share with you in this blog entry as this is considered my "trade-mark" style. I'll leave it to you to find out what my style is and I believe it won't be very difficult if you have been following my fashion diary from the start. 

This is the third outfit pairing with Glossi Eyewear sponsored by Nanyang Optical. In the previous 2 blog posts, I have shown you 2 different outfit ideas with Glossi Eyewear: business woman look and semi-casual look. Are you ready for the new look with Glossi? 

Here it is! Presenting to you: 

Nautical dress: Kate Spade New York - Similar here
Sunglasses: Glossi Eyewear
Suede pumps: Heels - Similar here and here
Forever21 bracelet (old)- Similar here
Max & Chloe earrings (old)- Similar here

I found myself a new love when I was shopping the other day: Nautical stripes dress accompanied with a stylish, young and vibrant eyewear that are perfect for Summer. There are certain Summer fashion trends that never go out of the way: floral, color-block, prints and nautical. Of course, a pair of sunglasses is my must- have item whenever I'm out and about at anytime, any place. 

Loving how the nautical A-line dress gave me the sweet, young and refreshing look while the Glossi Eyewear added Glamour flavor into it instantly the moment I wore it on. Everything was so light, from the silky material of the dress to the strong, flexible Nylon Compound glasses frames, I had no excuse for not enjoying the golden- yellow sunshine, blue sky and strong wind that Summer has to offer. 

I've been talking so much in my previous blog posts about how special Glossi Eyewear is. Besides the hand stitch with elastic Nylon string to give flexibility and cushioning to the opening and closing of the temple, the unique reflective frame- front with patterns, I absolutely love how versatile Glossi Eyewear is. Whether you are going for a casual, fun, retro, classic, elegant, rocky, glamourous or funky look, the glasses have the X-factor to fit the bill perfectly. 

As for this glamour in style outfit, I chose skinny belt and beaded earrings in same color with the dress and completed everything with a pair of bright, eye-catching glasses. If you are going on a date, this look will definitely help you to get your man's attention. 

Hope you like this sweet and romantic look that I created. If you want to get the same sunglasses like mine, visit Glossi website  to find out where you can get it and follow them on Facebook to get their latest update. 

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great weekend everyone!

P/s: This blog entry is proudly sponsored by Nanyang Optical and as one of the requirements for Singapore Blog Award 2013. My blog is in Top 10 of Best Fashion Blog , Glossi Best Modeling Blog and is waiting for your support.  Please VOTE FOR ME! Click HERE to find out how to vote.