June 03, 2014 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Blue, green, yellow, orange, red, turquoise..., there are endless varieties of the color palettes that only one season of the year could offer. It's none other than Summer. Days in Summer get longer and brighter, exposing the beauty of nature at its best, in all vibrancy and energy possible. The thought of being able to soak up the sun, lying down on the white sand, and having a glass of Strawberry Margaritas makes me so excited. Do I even need anything else? Maybe, just my camera or iPhone to help me capture the most beautiful time and space, I'm all set. Or even when I'm not at the beach, taking a walk around the garden and surrounding myself with endless greenery would probably be my most favorite thing to do. I'm so glad that I've never taken Summer for granted. Given the fact that I'm living in the tiny island that generously offers warm weather all year round, that simply means no layering is needed when it comes to fashion. Less-is-more approach with simple silhouettes has always been my fashion verdict, that explained why after looking at so many dresses in my closet, I decided to go minimalist with the most basic wardrobe staples. 

Surprisingly, it didn't take me much effort to look chic, yet still casual in Summer with a simple tank top and floral bodycon skirt. I guessed the only thing that looked extraordinary here was a pair of Swarovski Crystal earrings sponsored to me by Glitz and Love. If you are in love with all things sparkling, I highly recommend you to check them out. I don't see many shops that sell beautiful handmade bridal and everyday jewelry at such an affordable price like that. They are the first one. 

Thank you so much for reading! 
Photo by: Carmen Chow
Edited by me. 

ZARA mustard tank top- Also love this one
Sheinside floral bodycon skirt- Also love this one and this one
GUESS strappy heels- Also love this one and this one
Earrings: Thank to Glitz and Love
Swarovski necklace and watch
Givenchy bag
Ray-ban Sunglasses