September 19, 2014 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Looking at 1300 photos I had during #NYFW, I just realized that I didn't wear any dark colored outfit, at all.  On day three, I wore blue. Day four, I chose neon and white. Day five, my color intensity went to the next level with neon pink and orange. Two more outfits that I wore on day six and seven were not less colorful either. I can't wait to show you in my next blog posts.

Having a disadvantage in height, I need to be fully aware of what color I should wear to make myself visible in a sea of people.  That explains why subconsciously, I always pick the bright colored outfits whenever I shop or pack for a trip. Besides, #NYFW in September is all about upcoming trends and styles for Spring and Summer, there is nothing more fun to dress up for these two seasons than hot pink and orange. 

While walking into the tent in Lincoln Center, I was stopped by an editor from a magazine for a quick interview about how did I come up with this outfit. Honestly, I had no idea. The only thing I knew was, I wanted to wear the Jimmy Choo Lang sandals that I bought a few months ago for fashion week. Two days after my flight to New York, I went last minute shopping in Orchard and saw this beautiful matching pink crop top and midi skirt from Miss Selfridge. Immediately, the plan changed. The initial plan of white jumpsuit was replaced with a neon pink two-piece dress. 

The rest of the story "How Do I Look", I shall leave it up to you to find out. Please tell me what you think after you look at these beautiful photos, taken by my dear friend, blogger Roberto Johnson

Thank you so much for reading!
Miss Selfridge crop top and midi skirt- Also love this top and skirt from Tibi 
Jimmy Choo heels
Michael Kors sunglasses and watch
Gorjana necklace (via Shopbop)
Juicy Couture and Sarah Chloe bracelet. (via Shopbop)