June 26, 2015 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Not as crowded as Ho Chi Minh and neither as touristy as Hanoi, Hai Phong, the third most popular city in Vietnam, seems to be quieter with impressive rays of colonial buildings and red flamboyant trees growing abundantly along the streets. These vibrant trees are now a Hai Phong's trademark and whenever someone says "The city of flamboyant trees", everyone knows that they are talking about Hai Phong.

I was born and raised in this coastal city until I was 18 and then moved to Hanoi and started a life of an adult. Although, Hanoi was more fun with lots of attractions (and temptations), but a part of me is always with the quiet city, Hai Phong. Whenever I have time,  the first thing that always comes to my mind is going back home.

Two weeks ago, I packed my luggage and left Singapore for Hai Phong. There is always a reward in everything, including this beautiful sunrise as a compensation for a very early morning flight.

Travel in style. Jumpsuits are the best outfits for traveling. 

Getting ready to board. Excitement was up in the air. 

Three hours later, I was home. 

The best welcome-home gift from the most adorable human being. 

Making an effort to try as many famous food in Hai Phong as possible even if it meant I'd have extra few pounds later. This fried fish noodle soup is to die for. If you have a chance to drop by Hai Phong, you have to try this.

Never really rest even when I was on holiday. 

Lunch again with more vegetables and healthy food. If you happen to be in Hai Phong, you should definitely try the brown noodle and crab meat soup (we call it Banh da do), or grilled pork with rice noodle and spring roll (Bun cha)

I have finally declared that one of the must-do things, whenever I'm in Hai Phong, is getting a manicure done. You won't believe how much these sparkling nails cost me. 

$20 hard gel nails that look like a million bucks. It would cost me $120 to $160 in Singapore otherwise. 

On the second last day in Hai Phong, I wanted to bring Miu to the Do Son beach (he loves beaches) to celebrate his birthday. Do Son used to be my favorite beach when I was small and now it becomes Miu's favorite one. He kept running around, playing with the crashing waves and laughing non-stop. Kids are the best example of we can be happy with the simplest things in life. 

While my Dad and my brother were busy taking care of Miu, my mom and I went for a walk to explore the new area. 

I lived in Hai Phong for 18 years and visited Do Son beach many times. This was the first time I watched the sunset on this beach. I pulled out my phone, took a photo of the sunset and posted it on Instagram. I was surprised at the comments I received a few moments later: "Wow! So beautiful. Where is it?". I replied them proudly "It's my hometown". 

Many times, we take things for granted. I guess it's never too late to start appreciating. 

Thank you so much for reading!