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Whenever I have time to sit down and watch people on the street, over a cup of my favorite green tea latte, I always wonder "Where are these people rushing to?". "Where do they come from?". "What have they gone through in their life?".  Then, I start wishing that I could have a magic pair of shoes. The moment I put my feet in, I could be anybody that I wanted to and experience what happened to them. It's pretty much similar to what Adam Sandler went through in his recent movie "The Cobbler". Sounds crazy, but it's quite an interesting thought. 

Well, the sad truth is, there aren't any magic shoes on earth. But I guess, walking in a different pair of shoes every day makes me feel like a different person. That explains my already-overflowing shoe closet at home and I can't stop but hunt for more. I bought these leather chain boots when I was in New York in September last year during fashion week. This is my second time wearing them (the first time was a year ago). 

If you follow me on this blog for a while, you probably know that I'm a sucker for sophisticated, classy, feminine, and chic styles when it comes to dressing-your-best (as seen here, here, and here). My favorite (and usual) pick will always be sky high heels and hugging dresses to accentuate my body's curve. But be prepared! Because once in a blue moon, you might catch me on the street, looking like a totally different person, in squared-heeled chain boots, long oversized vest, mini boxy bag, and with bad-ass accessories. 

Which Crystal do you like better? The classy one that you used to see in other blog posts or the preppy one that you are looking at here? 

Crystal Phuong- Preppy streetstyle fashion

Crystal Phuong in Julia Jordan dress, Mango long vest and Zara leather chain boots

Singapore fashion blogger- Crystal Phuong in preppy street style

Preppy style with long vest, chain boots, fedora hat, and a boxer bag.

Crystal Phuong- Zara chain boots and Reed Krakoff boxer bag

Reed Krakoff boxer bag

Crystal Phuong- Zara leather chain booties

Thank you so much for reading!

Cap sleeve sheath dress- Thanks to Julia Jordan 
Mango black vest- Similar here
Zara black chain boots- Similar here and here


  1. I enjoy people watching and find myself oftentimes wondering the same thing. Where are they going, where have they been? Will remain a mystery I guess. The boots are fierce. This whole look is fierce. Will take both Crystals, the classy and the preppy. Great pictures!

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  2. Thank you sweet @idu! Congrats on your 1 year blog anniversary!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I love your jacket, it's such a wardrobe staples.
    Jemma xo

  4. Thank you @Jemma Andrews! I agree, long blazer vests are always timeless. Do you own one?