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Crystal Phuong- All grey outfit

I used to think grey was such a dull and boring color and I never made any attempt to wear it. As I made a promise to push myself out of my comfort zone and to try new things, I started looking at this nondescript color in a different way. First, I took a safe step to pair grey with black as seen here and slowly moved to a brighter pairing like grey and white here. I received more compliments on both outfits than I expected. I started falling in love with this versatile color ever since.

You'll be surprised to know that grey can go with so many other colors, other than black and white. I'd love to pair grey with some jewel tones like ruby, cobalt blue, yellow, and emerald or light grey with blush pink in the next blog posts. But for now, let's talk about this all grey outfit for a moment, please.

 As you might already know, I'm pretty much a "go big or go home" type of person. When I like doing something, I'll go all the way regardless, which explains this head to toe grey ensemble all of sudden, from someone who hardly wore grey before. I chose a grey snakeskin blouse and a textured leather bag to match with my flare grey skirt to make the outfit more interesting, leaving only the shoes and a pop of red lips to be non-grey items.

As monochromatic as it can be, this whole grey look is nothing but boring. I just learned this today.

Crystal Phuong- Grey snakeskin blouse and grey skirt

Crystal Phuong- outfit- fifty shades of grey

Crystal Phuong in all grey outfit- Singapore streetstyle

How to wear an all grey outfit?

Grey snakeskin blouse

Crystal Phuong- fashion blogger- what to wear with grey?

Crystal Phuong- playnomore wink handbag

Crystal Phuong- Grey flouncy skirt and gladiator sandals

Crystal Phuong- Giuseppe Zanotti beige strappy buckle sandals

Playnomore wink handbag and Giuseppe Zanotti beige strappy buckle sandals

Thank you so much for reading!

Photos by: Navian Photography

ZARA snakeskin blouse- Similar here
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Playnomore winky bag
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  1. Outftip by P.2:39 AM

    Great Post I love the skirt

  2. Thank you @Outftip by P. :)

  3. Antela3:50 AM

    Lovely outfit and amazing pics=)
    KISSES from Italy

  4. I love your blog! Such beautiful taste and elegant style! I really love that handbag! If you are looking for fashion jewellery to compliment your outfit to any events or fashion shoots, check out the Maestro & Hennessy Award Winning Fashion Jewellery Collection!

  5. Thank you @Maestro Hennessy! Will drop you a reply shortly! Thanks for stopping by :)