Crystal Phuong- Travel Blog- Sunset in San Francisco

I'm lucky enough to be able to witness so many beautiful sunsets in my life, but nothing is quite spectacular like the one at Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco. I was completely lost for words when I first saw the cotton candy sky blended beautifully with the yellow neon lights of the street, creating the most colorful picture ever. 

That was my first impression of San Francisco. 

I've been dreaming of visiting San Francisco for a long time and I thought it would take me a few more years to cross this city off my bucket list. Apparently, if something is meant to be, it will happen. My new career, which I mentioned in this blog post, brought me to San Francisco. Trust me, I can't say enough about how lucky and grateful I am.

Arriving in San Francisco on Sunday morning gave me an extra day to settle down and to see the city before starting work. Despite the 24hr-flight, I was full of energy and refreshed after I checked in. We went to Fisherman's Wharf for dinner and had a walk to explore the neighbourhood. Allow me to reserve some photos and information for the next travel blog. For now, here are some photos of me, walking along the street at Fisherman's Wharf and feeling incredibly thankful for being at this place.

My heart was so full of love and happiness. That's what San Francisco made me feel.

Crystal Phuong- Fashion Blog- Streetstyle in San Francisco

Crystal Phuong- Travel Blog- Sunset in San Francisco

Crystal Phuong- Fashion Blog- Sunset in San Francisco

Crystal Phuong- Travel Blog- Sunset in San Francisco

Crystal Phuong- Fashion Blog- Sunset in San Francisco

Crystal Phuong- Travel Blog- Sunset in San Francisco

Thank you so much for reading!

Photos by: Rebecca KC


Long grey trench coat- Thanks to Forever21
Grey "Relax" sweater and necklace - Thanks to Forever21 
Nike white sneakers- Similar here
Zara white blouse- Similar here
G2000 pants- Similar here




Crystal Phuong- #TravelwithCrystal- Bali, Indonesia

After a winter trip to Vietnam during Lunar New Year, I flew to a tropical paradise called Bali and spent a good few days there before heading to the US. No matter how many times I visit Bali, this place has no lack of surprises to please an avid traveler in me. Last time I was there, I went parasailing and ocean walking. It was incredible, and I thought nothing could top that. But I was wrong. Keep on reading and you'll know why I said that. 

Crystal Phuong- #TravelwithCrystal- Bali

Landed in Singapore just in time to catch this flight to Bali. It was such an adrenaline rush running from one terminal to another, but that's what we'd do for the things we love, wouldn't we? 

Crystal Phuong- #TravelwithCrystal- Bali, The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali Hotel

 We stayed at The Royal Beach Seminyak hotel again, but instead of a deluxe room, we had a villa with a private pool to ourselves. The beginning of our wonderful trip started just like that. 

Crystal Phuong- #TravelwithCrystal- Bali, The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali

Crystal Phuong- #TravelwithCrystal- Bali, Seminyak Beach during sunset

Crystal Phuong- #TravelwithCrystal- Bali, Seminyak Beach at sunset

 Couldn't miss any sunset at the Seminyak beach whenever I'm back at this place. 

Crystal Phuong- #TravelwithCrystal- Bali, Mount Batur Volcano at sunrise

Next morning, we woke up at 2 am to start our sunrise trekking at one of the most popular destinations in Bali: Mount Batur volcano.  Mount Batur is still an active volcano, located at the center of two concentric calderas, north west of Mount Agung on the island of Bali, Indonesia. It stands at 1717 meters above sea level and it took us more than 3 hours to reach the top. 

Crystal Phuong- #TravelwithCrystal- Bali, Mount Batur Volcano at sunrise

The 3-hour climb in the dark wasn't fun, to be honest, and I had to take many breaks in between to catch my breath. My legs were shaking so badly. But because I didn't give up, the reward for me at the end was pretty amazing. 

Crystal Phuong- #TravelwithCrystal- Bali, Mount Batur Volcano

Not every day I can have a photo of me standing above the clouds while watching the sunrise like that. A moment like this definitely is one of the most surreal memories in my life by far.

Crystal Phuong- #TravelwithCrystal- Bali, Mount Batur Volcano

Crystal Phuong- #TravelwithCrystal- Bali, Mount Batur Volcano at sunrise

Clearly, this beautiful sunrise view on top of Mount Batur made the painful trekking at 2am so worth it. It's official the most beautiful photo in my travel diary.

My colorful and delicious reward for not giving up half way.

After volcano trekking, we headed to a Hotspring nearby called Toyadevasya. Its beauty blew my mind. I've never seen a Hotspring so beautiful like that. The weather in the morning was chilly enough for us to appreciate the warm water once we dip into that pool.

With a volcanic mountain as a backdrop, I wouldn't want anything else at that moment.

Then, we filled ourselves up with a delicious lunch at a local restaurant.

A stormy rain came as soon as we finished our swimming at the Hot Spring. If Luck wasn't by our side, we could have been walking on the slippery slope, being stranded in the middle of the mountain in a heavy rain. That would be a horrifying experience for us all.

Leaving the Hot Spring, our driver took us to Tegallalang Rice Terraces, one of the most popular places in Ubud. You'll expect nothing but a luscious green horizon that will please your eyes.

I could stand here and look at this view for hours. The only thing missing was a cup of green tea latte.

Back to my all time favorite, the beach. Seminyak beach is always so beautiful regardless at what time of the day. We still had a few places to visit before we called it our day at Seminyak beach, but I'll leave it to you to find out in this travel video, mostly shot and edited by yours truly. Please subscribe to my new Youtube channel if you haven't done so. Thank you so much for reading and watching! See you in the next travel + fashion post. It's about San Francisco, baby!




Since the beginning of this year, I have been really fortunate to live my life to its fullest. There wasn't any minute wasted in my day, and I can't be grateful enough for so many wonderful things that happened. 

Starting a new career in the travel industry is one of them. By far, it's a significant change in my life, and I've enjoyed every bit of it. I call hotels as my second home almost every month. After a Lunar New Year trip to Vietnam, I went to Bali for a holiday, headed to San Francisco for work, came back to Singapore, and then off to Ho Chi Minh, Taiwan, and Indonesia. I'm finally back to Singapore for two weeks before my next trip. Until then, I know I have a lot of things to catch up with you. The two-month worth of blog posts sounds scary, but if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you should know that I made an effort to update as often as I could. However, nothing compares to a blog post. I know. 

Let's start our long overdue conversation with an outfit that I shot before I left for Bali. This Endless Rose button front dress was one of my February most favorite picks on Revolve Clothing. I love how the structure shoulders and button front bottom give a sharp military-inspired look while the plunging neckline adds so much femininity to the whole outfit. If you ask me what color goes best with White, I would recommend nothing but black. This dress isn't appropriate for work unless you wear a camisole underneath. But if you want to make a bold statement as I did, a black lace bra is all you need. 

I have not been leaving my blog non-updated for more than one month since 2012 and when this happens, I'll usually have some great surprises to make up for it. You'll find them at the end of this blog post.

Crystal Phuong- Revolve Clothing- Endless Rose blazer dress

Crystal Phuong- Revolve Clothing- Total contrast in Black and White

Crystal Phuong x Revolve Clothing- White blazer dress and black pumps

Crystal Phuong x Revolve Clothing- Total contrast

Crystal Phuong x  Revolve Clothing- Endless Rose button blazer dress

Crystal Phuong x  Revolve Clothing- Black heels

Crystal Phuong x Revolve Clothing- Black and white

Thank you  so much for reading! 

Photos by: Evelyn Lee


White blazer dress- Thanks to Revolve Clothing
ZARA black pumps- Similar here
Michael Kors watch- Similar here
Coach sunglasses- Similar here



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