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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.


Updated! 06/08/08 This guy above is my ex- housemate. To whom who cares about me, you probably know WHAT HAPPENED to me yesterday until now. Alright, temporarily, I'm HOMELESS. The reason was because of the RM30 government house tax (I've been staying here for 3 years plus and renting so many rooms, but I've never ever heard about the Government house tax). Anyway, the conversation went as below:

 10. 05 am- 5th August 2008.  *I received 2 missed called* plus 1 new message from Marshall. (Oh forgot to introduce to you, the ugly, fatty, dirty and lousy man above names Marshall, another name is Stephen Yii Yeo Hui or whatever it is). *His Message*- "Call me immediately or you have no door in" *I replied*- "What happened? I'm in the meeting now, can't call. What is that again" (The reason why I put the word AGAIN was because it's not the first time he wanted to make troubles for me.

A few months ago, there was water leaking in our house, he didn't know how to fix, he then LOCKED the water tank. I and my friend had no water for living during 3 days and we had to buy many mineral water bottles for our daily routines. Can you believe it?

He told me that the management cut the water. (*how could a manager of big condor simply cut off water without any prior notice???). I called a plumber guy come to fix. After that, problem solved! As simple as that. This is just one of the many nonsense stories that I have to deal with every day.

10.30pm- *Calling to Marshall
Me   : Hello! Marshall? What happened again. I don't get your message. :
(*He raised up his voice) I told you to pay RM430 including the RM30 house tax. Why you only pay RM400. Do you want to create troubles with me with only RM30. You are damn troublesome, you know?
Me: What's troubles? What did I do?
He: Do what? You brought Nurul your friend to stay here also brought a lot of troubles with me, WTF. (*Nurul is my colleague, she rent a small room in my house because she didn't have any place to stay that time. When she moved out, this guy didn't give her the deposit as well which was worth RM500. Before Nurul, Nicole was another victim but not my friend)
Me: (*feel like painted. I'm damn blur. I needed to take 5 minutes to absorb what it's all about). Not RM30 that matter. I already told you, WE are not supposed to pay for Government house tax, the owner is supposed to pay. All of my friends who are renting rooms never pay for such thing. That's why I'm not going to pay for it.
(*He screamed on the line). You don't compare other houses ok. You are living here, in this house, so you HAVE TO PAY. Or else, you can move out now. I will pay you the deposit back. You can move out anytime. Are you stupid?
Crystal: (*damn angry but try to stay calm, and because there were many people with me that time) Ok, I'm talking nicely to you now. You don't have to raise up your voice. OK? So you just want me to pay to you RM30, isn't it? You just want RM30 only, right?
The asshole: RM30, and the lack portion of the deposit. Last time you moved from a small room to a middle room. So now pay the deposit for the middle room as well, plus the phone bill, Internet, water, electrical bill also. And you give me your passport also. I don't trust you anymore.
Crystal: (*what the..., I think): OK, fine. I'll come back and settle with you later.

6.30pm- I'm home. Damn tired and exhausted. (*knocked his room door) 
Me: Marshall, I need to talk to you. : (*holding the paper in hand with all calculation of what I needed to pay and with a normal face)
He: OK. So you need to pay me all together RM330 
Me: OK, you told me just now. If I move out, then you will give me back my deposit plus the August house rental, right?
He: Yah (so confident face. Perhaps, he thought, I wasn't able to move out)
I: OK, I agree with your condition. You give me money, I will move out by the end of the week. You give me my money now. 
He: (*a big shocked face-It took him few seconds to know what I'm saying) You are damn troublesome you know. What do you want?
I: I want my money back and I will move out as soon as I can. The rental for this month, you can give me half. I don't mind. So I think, it's fair for both. 
He (*screaming and pointing at me): OK. you move out now. 
I: How am I supposed to move when you haven't given me my money and all my things are here.
The asshole: YOU MOVE OUT, NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! (*he totally lost his mental and control. I don't know why! perhaps he has some mental problems)
I: Yah, I will. But at least you have to give me few days to pack my stuffs.  
He: MOVE NOWWWWWWW AND GIVE ME THE HOUSE KEY. YOU MOVE, NOWWWWWWWWWWW. (*keeps screaming with the eyes as big as his mouth, pointing at me)
I: Don't point at me ok? (I removed his finger then he beat on my hands. Perhaps he wanted to slap me)
I: Ok, OK. Cool down. I'm not moving, I go out to take the money to give you. OK? I go out now. 
He: Where you go? I don't trust you. You give me your passport. 
I: Go to Giant, I don't have enough Cash with me. I'll come back and give you money later. I don't have my passport with me, it's with my company. So can't give you. 
He: You bank in money to my Public Bank, take the receipt and bring back here for me. Tomorrow, You photocopy your passport and give me then I let you know whether you can move out or not.
I: OK, ok. 

I quickly got out of the house and asked my friends to come over to help. About 3 of my friends who are bigger than he is, came after 45 mins. I decided to move all my things out immediately and sent them to my friend's house. We packed, we shifted, we arranged everything within 1 HOUR 30 MINUTES. The stupid guy came home while we were packing and moving out. His face was damn shocked. THIS IS TOTALLY OUT OF HIS EXPECTATION. You know what he reacted???? I updated later. Now office closes.

Updated * 08/08/08. This is the latest news that I have had since last night.
When I saw this piece of paper pasted on the advertisement board, I already knew that was him. Last time, I saw a bunch of these in the house when he wanted to look for people to rent out the room.

There was nothing new here except for: HAND-PHONE NUMBER. He was using 014 or 016 before and now is 018. Well, he changed the hand-phone so that I couldn't contact him at all to ask for my deposit which is total RM600.00. This is considered a month salary of some people, you know? Some of my friends asked me to do a police report or either to hire a lawyer to settle this. I'm still considering whether should I do it.

Of course, I have some witnesses and other victims with me. Look at the photo closely, you will see the red circle "PREFER LADY HOUSEMATE". For what? Prefer lady housemate so that he can easily bully them, cheat their monies and threaten them off. The previous 2 victims couldn't do anything. They just had no choice but shut the mouth, kept quite and let him swallow the money. (each of them RM500.00). You can't imagine, how terrible his voice was, when he shouted out loud, from the lift to his house (3 houses away), you still can hear it very clearly. And his face was something like this: But of course, the guy in this picture is much more handsome than him. Oh yah! I forgot to tell you guys about how he reacted when all 3 of my friends came to rescue me on that night. His face was about to explode like above picture when I said I want to move out. But then when he came back to see we were packing stuffs, he didn't dare to say any words. Shutting the room door very strongly and making some calls, he pretended as it's normal moving out. About 15mins later, the security guys came to our house and asked:

 Security: "There was someone complaint about something in this house. What happened?" 
Crystal: Oh, nothing! I'm moving out and some of my friends came to help me out. 
Security: "But we received a phone call and said that some guys came to disturb your house!" 
Crystal: No. No one disturbs anyone. We are just moving out. You also see it. : (*the idiot runs out to say eagerly): Yah yah, I called. Who are all these guys? Why you let them enter the condo, enter my house and disturb me. 
Crystal: (talk to the security) No, I'm moving out, and they came to help me but there is someone makes trouble with me. Thus, he bothers you as well. There is no problem at all. If you need them to register before entering the condo, I will ask them to do that later. 
Security: Ok, then please ask your friend to go down to register first. If not this guy complains to my manager, then I will be in trouble. I've just worked here 1 day only. 

And then, I told the security guy about the story. He even stayed at the house with me for a while to make sure the idiot cant do anything to me while my friend went down to register. After that, my friend came up and continue. Since there was no supportive party behind, the asshole started changing his voice tone. He spoke to my friend (the biggest one) so friendly as if he was never ever friendlier before. : Sorry ah, bro. For security purpose only. Sorry ya (touch and shake my friend's hands some more).
Vincent: Oh ok, no problem. :
The asshole (*smiling and keep talking) Yah, thanks. Sorry ya. So now you just help her to move lah. Just of security only. Thanks ya. 
Damn! I felt like spitting on his face. I didn't even bother to look at the idiot face, then he came to talk to me: Excuse me. You just move out first. Tomorrow, I give you back the deposit ok?
Crystal: OK, Call me. Once you give me money. I'll return you the house keys. Then I left. 2 days later, he still didn't call me. And last night, when I saw this advertisement with a new hand phone number, I knew what the asshole wanted to do. Perhaps, he didn't need the house key and the lock can be changed to a new one. So...Will see later on then.

Those who wants to know more about this guy can contact me. Those who think I'm over-reacting or creating a story to offend people, well i can say: I declare that all information and conservation are true. If you don't believe and want to try, let's go and rent a room at KELANA PUTERI CONDO, BLOCK E-901. You're always welcome and now he is so desperate to look for new people to give him money.

 Updated on 11/08/08 Latest news! I already found a new house, so much prettier, cleaner than the previous one. Just need to touch up something and decorate few things for my room. Last but not least, GREATLY & DEEPLY THANK to all my friends, students, colleagues even my client :) who have supported me during this hard time.
 A BIG hug to Shaw, Vincent, Pun, Alvin, Frank, Nurul, Yvonne, Danyta, Ryan, Kacey, etc.... Surprisingly I got numbers of emails from strangers who visited my blog randomly but they spent a little short of time to write me an email to support, offered me a room to stay, etc...but I couldn't take this sweet help coz it's too far for me. Anyway, thank you guys. Thanks all!
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