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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.


...is NOT just plastic surgery. 

And I'm going to share with you the greatest secret and tip of how to have a higher nose, V-shape chin, higher cheek bone which can change your life, I'm very sure.  If you tell me "No, I don't need to look beautiful. I'm happy with my flat nose", you are such a liar, BIG time. Everyone wants to look beautiful nowadays unless you want to be a ugly chick, going to be "expired" soon yet no guy ever wants to date with you. Not only girl but also many guys are wanting to change something on their faces: nose, eyelids, lips, chin, jaw, cheek, etc...But the first thing they ever come across their minds is: Plastic Surgery. 

No no no! There are still plenty of methods out there, how you know which one is suitable for you and most importantly, WHICH ONE IS SAFE? I'm telling you now

Remember my previous blog entry "Think of face transform, think of filler injection"? which I posted a year plus ago. I ever mentioned about one thing called 


Correcto! You can start learning about Restylane, how it could help to enhance your face features without even going under the knife. And IT'S SUPER AWESOME! I've been always wanting to try out Restylane or nose filler for more than 8 months since the first time I attended the event talking about it organized by omy.sg and Q-med. I studied about it plus consultation with doctor. After all, I decided to just do it. But before you want to follow what I say, read some infos yourself. I love you very much that's why I even spent an hour gathering all necessary information and putting them into a nice piece of art here...So here you go!

Click to enlarge photo

2 weeks before flying back Vietnam, I went to Sloane Clinic to have my facial make-over done. Can't tell you how much excited I was, of course I felt nervous too but thinking of having a chio (*means cute) face gave me more determination to do it. :D So here I was, at Sloane Clinic. 

 Say Hi to Sloane Clinic!

 Restylane banner with some brochures on.

 Receptionist area

After consulting Dr. Siew, I even more than 100% assure that I'm going to have my facial makeover done. As such, "I'm giving my life to you, Dr. Siew" *just kidding*. He just made me feel so comfortable and relax and trust him that he will do a good job. 

And the procedure started....

Reading through the agreements and signing.

 Taking before photos! 

 Guess what was on my tongue? Some sweet pills to give me numbing affect.

First, we started with Cheek augmentation! I'm going to have higher cheeks, so excited!

 Getting my cheeks numbed by the frozen peas before the injection started. I looked like I was being tortured by doctor and the nurse, lolz...In fact, they were trying to prevent the pain for me.

 Me and the nurse were posing to the camera while doctor was turning away, lolz. How cute she is!

15 minutes after numbing applied, doctor started injecting filler into my cheeks and instantly I can see the result. It's like magic, seriously! And most importantly, it was so fast! It was less than half an hour to get my cheeks augmented. 

Second, Doctor Siew moved to Chin augmentation! This procedure is to solve your round chin problem. If you saw my previous blog entries with my photos in it, you probably knew that I had a round face and pretty short chin. I've been asking doctors and doing my own research whether or not I should have a chin augmentation to enhance the size of my chin. But I was so reluctant and I left it just like that with the thought of I would never have courage to do plastic surgery. Until Dr. Siew told me he could do something about it. I was like "OMG! Are you serious?" And then there he was, really doing something with my chin.

Sorry for not having any photo of nose filler to share, but I'm gonna share with you the utmost important photo:

It's here! 

Me, after all the injections done!
Seriously, I couldn't wait to grab the mirror and look at my new face as everyone kept nodding every times doctor finished the injection.

Let me put my make up on first

 Make up corner with all the clinic products are FREE to use. Awesome max! No longer worry to leave the clinic with a plain pale face. :D

Proudly presenting to you my transformed face:

 Here I am with my make up on! Instant result as you can see and I swear I didn't do any photoshop on my photos at all.

Close up side view! Don't get jealous with my super chio chin and high nose please! If you are jealous with what I'm having, go to look for Dr. Siew at Sloane Clinic.

Side by side photo for better comparison:

Unless you are blind, my face is obviously different now. I can't say any other words besides happiness and satisfaction :D

I'm so damn in love with my new chin! It's like a dream or what? How could it be that fast? Imagine if you have do plastic surgery, how could you see your new chin right after the surgery done. No way! But with restylane, you can. Not just that, assuming the new nose or chine doesn't meet your expectation unfortunately? Know what? Doctor can make the changes too, OMG!! This is what plastic surgery just dies of shame.

Restylane is so good that I MUST share with everyone and people are still misunderstanding it or lacking knowledge of it. Time for you to brain wash yourself. What are you waiting for? Get your God damn phone and make an appointment with your preferred doctor else, you can call to Sloane Clinic and make an appointment with Dr. Siew Tuck Wah *my most recommended doctor*

Call NOW 6533 2522 

 My doctor is better than yours. Plus handsome,  plus experienced, what can you ask for more?

With Q-Med girl Christina, Dr. Siew, the nurse and me.

Lastly, this is something that you are looking forward to seeing: Video recorded me in procedure. It's good for you to see the whole real thing and you'll realize that, it isn't scary or dangerous at all


Now, it's time for Q&A! I know you're gonna throw to me load of questions, I'm just answering you the most important ones

1. How much does it cost?
If you want to do the chin augmentation, nose filler, cheek augmentation, wrinkles, laugh line filler at once, It would cost you around S$6300. If it's just nose filler or chin augmentation alone, I'm not sure though. Call up Doctor to ask -6533 2522

2. Does clinic accept installment payment?
No, idea. Ask the clinic, please!

3. Does Nose fillter have any side effect?
No, No, No. There might be some bruises on your face which can be covered easily by concealer. That's all.

4. Is it painful?
I thought it was painful but in fact it wasn't. If I could stand it, you would take it too.

5. I'm having my period, can I still go for the injection?
You are doing something to your face, not your ass, why cannot? Unless, you want to enlarge your *erhm* vagina and I'm not sure if anyone could do it for you, lolz.

6. What about breast feeding, can I still go for filler injection?
Are you going to make your AA cup to B or C cup? I meant breast augmentation! What does face filler injection get to do with your boobs?

7. If what Restylane is so good, why there are many people still going for plastic surgery rather than nose fillter?
Maybe they haven't heard or known about Restylane yet. You idiot! If you ever know Restylane and it's safer, faster result than plastic surgery, which one you would go for?

8. Where is Sloane Clinic located?
The one I went to is Chevron House, 30 Raffles Place, #03-01 Chevron House, Singapore 04862. You can visit their website HERE

9. Is Restylane only for women? Can men do it too?
Oh yeah! Restylane is for everyone who wishes to look pretty: guy, girl, gay, lesbian, uncle, auntie, widow, single-mom, housewife, bla bla bla...

10.  Where can I get information about Restylane?
Oh yeah, good question. Check out and join their facebook

They will equip you with alot more information as long as you request. 

I hope my answers are clear and sufficient enough. It's your turn to make something change to your life and first thing you must do is to enhance your look. When you look good, you will feel good and you will have a lot of confidence in yourself, in doing whatever you want. Don't believe me? Let's just try it and tell me if I'm right. 
By then, I hope I'll receive some consultation fees from you or at least a "Thank you" for sharing such useful tips ;)

Good luck!
Crystal Phuong
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