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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.


Crystal Phuong on a cover of SAUCEink Magazine June issue

Some people have probably seen this on SAUCEink's website and Facebook by now, but I wanted to officially and personally break this news to you on my blog. I'm a cover girl of SAUCEink magazine June issue.  

SAUCEink is Singapore's digital magazine entirely dedicated to women's lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel and so much more. Although they are a new kid on the block in a competitive media and publishing industry, I have to say, they produce great content, attractive visuals, and lots of tips and tricks for their readers. The best part: it's a free digital magazine so everyone can enjoy and learn new things. But being free doesn't equal low quality or less valuable. I've known and seen how their team works. They are a group of entrepreneurs, editors, and designers who are young, passionate, and hardworking. They love what they do and they do their best. That's what inspires me! When Sab- the managing editor asked if they could feature my fashion blog in their June issue, I, of course, would never say No. She continued "The June issue is all about you". I was like "How?" and left it at that. A few weeks later, this is what you and I are seeing. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my stories with people and to inspire others to do what they love and to live a meaningful life. I actually never thought what I have been doing gives me a chance to be a cover girl. I'm just a normal girl who is passionate in fashion, blogging and dancing and always give 110% effort. As a dancing instructor, I enjoy teaching and seeing my students improved, became happier and more confident through dancing. As a blogger, I only hope my personal stories can motivate and inspire people. With that, thank you SAUCEink for giving me a chance to spread my words and allowing me to connect with your readers. One person at a time! 

On a side topic, I just realized that my blog is in the finalist for the Singapore Blog Award, Best Fashion Blog, again this year. Double celebration! Please spare me a few minutes to vote via this link.

There are so many secrets to unfold. I can't wait to share with you in the next couple of months. 

SAUCEink Magazine cover girl interview

You can read the magazine via this link. Below is a piece of the interview I had with them. 

Q: Can you share with us a bit of the background of your blog?

A colorful diary of fashion, lifestyle, and travel of a former Professional Latin Dancer turned Fashion Blogger. 

Q: Why did you decide to start a blog?

I was lonely and homesick when I studied in Malaysia. I had no one to talk to so I started a blog 
to talk to myself and to capture my life stories. After 6 years, I got bored of writing about all sad 
memories and random topics. I wanted to focus on one specific topic and I chose Fashion. 

Q: Why did you choose to decide to focus on fashion?

Since I was a little girl, I always loved playing dress up. When I started dancing, dresses and 
accessories were always part of my daily outfits (except for school uniforms). I was also 
encouraged by my friends to start sharing my fashion tips and styles to other people. That’s when 
I decided to start crystalphuong.net. 

Q: With the number of fashion blogs popping up, what makes your blog different?

My blog is a reflection of my life, my personality, my thinking. 

Q: What for you is the best thing about being a fashion blogger?

Being able to express myself through what I wear, what I write on my blog and knowing that there are people interested in reading/ seeing it. 

Q: What is the best and worst feedback / comment you have received so far?

Best comment: Your blog is very inspiring. Worst comment: I can’t remember. I don’t like to keep negativity in my mind. 

Q: I’m sure there are many aspiring bloggers out there. Do you have any advice for them?

Be passionate, be consistent and never give up. 

Q: Complete this sentence: “My style is...”

Feminine, sophisticated, and chic. 

Q: Complete this sentence: “People should visit my blog because...”

Because it’s FREE. 

Q: Any last words?

Live happily, love passionately and never take anything for granted.

interview with Crystal Phuong, Singapore Fashion Blogger

SAUCEink magazine interview with Crystal Phuong- Singapore Fashion Blogger

Singapore Fashion Week Insider Feature- SAUCEink magazine

SAUCEink magazine feature Singapore Fashion Blogger- Crystal Phuong

Thank you so much for reading and following me in this journey! 
Crystal Phuong
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