It's New Year's Eve tonight! Have you had any plan on what to wear for tonight yet? It's kinda late for me to post this blog entry, but it's better late than never. I've been crazily busy with many things these few weeks; my works, my dance practice, and spending time with my mom (I'm not giving any excuse for this late blog post though). Because this is going to be the last blog entry of year 2013, I wanted to make it a little bit more special with a style lookbook that I created just for you, some styles and outfit inspirations on "What to wear on New Year's Eve" just in case you haven't had any idea of what to wear on this magical night. I have you covered!

Look 1: Good as Gold
No New Year is complete without the touch of gold. From the firework, the champagne color, or even the light in the room, everything seems to turn gold in New Year's Eve (at least in my eyes). I don't normally wear sequin gold dress but it's once a year kinda night, I can't ignore this showstopper-dress. 

Get this look:
Danica Dress from Missguided 
Michael Kors Clutch
Saint Laurent Heels
Stephanie Kantis Cuff
Dior lipstick 
Look 2: Electrifying blue
Rock the blue sequin dress tonight like nobody's business for me, please! I mean it. Holiday parties are in full swing and you have no reason why not to go all the way with it. How many times in a year do you have chance to dress a little bit more dramatic than usual? Besides, there are hundreds of girls try to look their best tonight, I bet you will not want to be under-dressed. 

Get this look:
Alice &Olivia Dress
Christian Louboutin heels- Also love this one
Forever New Clutch - Similar here 
Lapris Drop Earrings - Also love this one
J-Crew necklace
Neon Angle lipstick

Look 3: Magical Night.
If you are not the "bling bling" type of girl and the 2 looks above don't work for you, go for this sheer Valentino dress instead. With a hint of sequin stripes, it's good enough to capture the attention. Red heels, red lipsticks and earrings are what I would recommend to wear with this outfit.

Get this look:
RED Valentino Dress
Valentino studded heels
Alexandra Mc Queen Skull Box Clutch
Calvin Klein perfume
Stefanie Somers earrings
AERIN Lipstick
John Lewis necklace

No matter where you are going to celebrate your New Year's Eve tonight, I hope you'll have great and magical time with your loved ones. Wish all your wishes come true and a New Year with lot of love, luck and success.
Happy Holiday!
Thank you so much for reading. 




Hi everyone, 

How was your Christmas celebration? I hope you had a great time with your loved ones. Although, I didn't travel to anywhere (it's kinda unusual for me because I love spending Christmas time in oversea), but my Christmas celebration this year wasn't bad at all with my mom around. She flew to Singapore a week ago to spend time with me. It was our first (also her first) Christmas celebration, so I wanted to make it very memorable and happy for her. 

On my mom's second day in Singapore, I brought her out for shopping. It's such a fulfilling feeling to see how happy she looked while she was trying on the shoes, bags and cloths. We went to the beach on Sunday, went for Christmas Eve dinner and party on Tuesday and another Christmas dinner on Wednesday (the list goes on). Having a good holiday with my mom this year indeed, was the best Christmas present that I've received. Besides this rare and precious gift, I also received many gifts from people who love me and always think of me. I must be a really good girl this year, that's why Santa is so generous to me!

First, I saw some Christmas cards on my desk when I arrived office. That simply made my day!

Nothing compares to a hand-made Christmas card specially made with love. 

 I love reading all the hand-writing messages inside the card, I can read them again and again. 

 Special wishes, a big gold heart necklace and Chanel inspired earrings. 

Lavender candle and reed diffuser, I love how they make my room smell so heavenly. 

 A vintage T-shirt that I adore! I'm currently obsessed with white T-shirts with cute graphics on them. 

Chloe booties as Christmas present? Is this even real? I've been putting this pair of shoes in my wish-list for a long time, and finally Santa heard it! Yay! :D

 Sam Edelman "Mila" booties are also my favorites too. I have so many favorites in my list that I don't even know which one is my most favorite anymore. -_-

 I don't know if there is any girl who doesn't love 3.1 Phillip Lim bags. I'm obsessed with not only this blue handbag but also all the other colors (brown, black, olive, orange, red and mint  . 

Of all the presents, I really wanted to share with you about this Pandora gift. Pandora has never been in my to-buy list until somebody (who is very special) bought it for me as Christmas present. It's a bracelet with many small charms combined together, and each charm presents different meaning to a wearer. You can mix and match whatever charm you like. He chose for me 3 charms: Family, Love and Money. A very thoughtful present that made me feel so touched and happy beyond words. 

I have been wearing this Lionette by Noa Sade Necklace every single day since I received it. It's such a beautiful and unique necklace that goes well with almost every outfit I wore. 

The last gift Swarovski necklace from Santa made my Christmas complete. I was so overwhelmed, happy and grateful for the amount of care and love that I received.

Did you receive many presents this Christmas? What is the most special Christmas gift that you have ever received from someone? Please share with me in the comment section below. 

Whether your presents are big or small, I hope they made you smile, made you feel loved and warm this season. Always be grateful for whatever we have and never stop sharing how much you care about someone. 

Happy holidays and thank you so much for reading! 

Interested in getting the same presents like mine for your girlfriend? Click on the link below. I assure you she'll love it.  




It's that time of the year again when the streets are filled with so many lights, beautiful colors and  decorations that you know it's Christmas; the season of gift giving, receiving and sharing the happiness, laughter and love. It's the only time for people who live far away from home to think of coming back to where they were born and to appreciate the meaning of "Home is where the heart is". Reunion, that's what we call it. 

Living in the heart of Orchard Road, the iconic shopping paradise and cosmopolitan playground of Singapore, it's hard for me not to feel excited about Christmas. You can even tell from what I wore to have these photos taken right outside a shopping mall nearby my house. I found myself excited as a kid looking at the sparkling lights and beautifully wrapped gifts (even though they are just the empty ones) everyday. 

I'm a very last minute person and a terrible planner when it comes to "What to do to celebrate Christmas?", but there is one thing I know for sure; this Christmas is going to be my best Christmas because I have my mommy to celebrate with me. This is our first Christmas and New Year celebration together. 

No matter what you do, which part of the world you are at, I wish you a very warm, happy and merry Christmas. May this Christmas be so special that you never feel lonely and always be surrounded by your loved ones. May Christmas shower you with joy, happiness and lot of luck. 

Enjoy your Christmas celebration with your loved ones and don't forget: Keep Calm and Read Crystal Phuong's blog :D

ZARA Blouse- Similar here and here
ZARA pants - Similar here and here
H&M sandals - Similar herehere and here
ALDO Clutch
Swarovski watch & necklace (Similar here)
Oasap hat- Similar here

Thank you so much for reading! 




When Fuchsia color meets Purple, it will result the beautiful outfit that you are seeing on this blog entry. There is something else I love about this outfit. It's a hidden story behind an ordinary color-combination. While Fuchsia is like a girl at the age of 20 with lot of  energy, passion, confidence and love, Purple represents a woman with maturity, sensitivity, understanding and compassion. Be it a "fuchsia" girl or a "purple" woman, these two are always passionate, romantic, sensual and loving, a type of girl who always knows what she wants and how to get it. I would like to think of myself as a combination of both. I've just celebrated my 29th birthday not long ago. At the age of 29, I still have lot of energy, enthusiasm, passion and confidence in everything I do but no longer act spontaneously and emotionally like a 20 years old girl toward certain things. I have learned to be more understanding, more mature and to think carefully before I speak. I'm now more romantically "purple" than playfully and sensually "fuchsia" (if this even makes any sense at all) especially when it comes to relationship, I don't look for a perfection, I look at the imperfection perfectly instead and appreciate whatever I have. 

As being afraid of "too much of anything is bad", I tried to balance the Furple (Fuchsia + Purple) outfit with the white knitted sweater.  White is the color of purity, encouragement, protection and wholeness. It helps to cleanse, purify our thoughts, emotions, spirit and puts us back to where is called "Positive thinking" again. That explains why I love this color so much and subconsciously, I keep coming back to my white outfits whenever I feel the need to clear my clutter and obstacles away.

Designer Rachael Zoe once said: "Style is a way telling to the world who you are without having to speak". I don't know if this outfit is good enough to tell you who I truly am. I hope it did. 

Thank you so much for reading. Now, get this look here:
Purple blouse: Forever21 (old)- Also love this one
Skirt: Oasap - Also love this one
Sweater: ZARA - Also love this one and this one
Shoes: Schutz - Also love this one
Sunglasses: Rayban
Watch: Swarovski




When I said, I went to have my skin treatment done, my friends looked at me with curious and surprised eyes: "Why do you need to go for skin treatment? Your skin is looking perfect". I don't understand their philosophy and I believe they don't understand mine either. I don't understand why do people only go to beauty salon to seek for help only when their skin starts having problem? 

I used to take my youthful skin for granted and put the blame on my busy schedule. I didn't have enough time to finish all my works in a day, how could I afford to spend 2-3 hours in a beauty salon doing nothing? Well, I still don't have enough time anyway, but when I look at my bare face in the mirror, I notice there are many blackheads, white heads large pores staring at me, it's time to do something about it. 

When I was looking for a recommended beauty salon to solve my problem, Bioskin came with the invitation to try out their signature service: Skin Rebirth. Special thank to Omy team for helping me to arrange everything! :)

I arrived quite late at 8.30pm on Friday and quickly had an in-depth consultation to understand more about my skin condition and the treatment. It was a short and sweet yet informative consultation as if the staff already knew exactly what she needed to do to my face before she even talked to me.

I loved the glitz-and-glam decoration inside their Orchard Brand. It began to look a lot like Christmas with red, green, white and the sparkling chandelier at the waiting area.   

Having a full understanding about Skin Rebirth dos and don'ts before I started the treatment. 

Skin Rebirth is clinically proven treatment for Skin Renewal, Pigmentation, Acne Scar Lightening, Lift V-Shaped Face, Wrinkle Reduction and Pores Tightening which is exactly what I was looking for. 

Unlike other technologies that use light emitting wave or laser frequency wave to target on dermis layer of skin, Skin Rebirth uses a multi-source, phase-controlled Fractional Radio Frequency  (FRF) energy that generates pulses of energy into skin, causing a deep volumetric dermal heating effect that enables collagen remodeling, skin resurfacing and treatment of wrinkles, acne and acne scars. More information about the FRF energy, visit this page

The FRF resulted the redness and minimal pain on my face right after the treatment but it didn't last long. I could even go out to party if I wanted to. 
First, my make-up was removed,

and then there was an amount of numbing cream applied all over my face to prevent the pain

After waiting for 20 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect, that's when the treatment started. The beautician used an appliance to apply the F-RF energy onto my skin to achieve an enhanced effect of deeper penetration and optimized efficacy. 

One hour later,
Who is that girl looking so refreshed and happy after the Skin Rebirth treatment? Ok, I'm not going to lie, my face was quite red and uncomfortable as I was told by the beautician. But instead of feeling worried, I felt so excited about my flawless skin and couldn't wait to see how my skin would turn out. 

Didn't expect that I even had a bag of handful products to use at home.  

Thank you so much Bioskin! You are so generous! 

These products are my absolutely favorites now. I love their tightening face mask, spray sunblock (so creative) and the moisturizing cream. They made my skin so soft, smooth and super flawless.
Don't believe me? Take a look at these non-photoshopped photos! 

This is what I do every night before my bed time: applying facial mask. This is by far the best facial mask that I've used. It does a wonderful job to tighten up your skin, please give it a try and tell me "Crystal! You are so damn right". 

That's me without ANY make up on, right after I took off my facial mask. How incredibly my skin looks!

Notice the pores are visibly reduced now? I was totally amazed when I looked at the mirror again. 70 percent of the blackheads, white heads were gone.  

And another me, with a make-up on. In case you still don't believe what I say, Bioskin is confidently announcing the Money Back Guarantee policy that allows the customers to take their money back if after 21 days they don't see any improvement from the treatment. There you have it, a security for you. All you need to do is to make an appointment with Bioskin and try out the service for yourself.

Now here are some questions you might want to know. 
1. Is my skin suitable for the treatment? 
Yes! Skin Rebirth is suitable for all skin types, except for overly sensitive ones. Please let your beautician know if your skin is overly sensitive so that they can give you the best advice. 

2. When does my skin need to go for Skin Rebirth ?
When you have acnes, scar problem, pigmentation problem, wrinkles and large pore. OR, if you want your skin to look beautiful always. 

3. Any Do's and Don't ?
Of course yes! 
Don't wash the face with soap on 1st day of treatment. 
Don't do sweaty exercise. Swimming is not allowed to during the first 2 weeks. 
Avoid sun and sauna for 1 week. If there is sun exposure, apply moisturizer and sunblock quickly. It's simple enough to follow! 

4. How long does it take to recovery?
For me, it was pretty fast, a few days after the treatment, my face was completely recovered. 

5. Does it have any side effect?
No, not at all for me. You can check with the beautician to be sure for your case.

6. I'm pregnant, can I go for the treatment?
I'm not quite sure. Please call Bioskin to ask! 

7. Do they have any promotion right now?
Just ask and you shall be given. Bioskin is giving the best deal ever for you to try out:
 1X Skin Rebirth + Cryo Splash @ $38 (Incl GST $40.66)
Hurry up!

Besides getting help from technology, I do have some personal rules that I try to keep in order to have a perfect skin; 
1. Never sleep with make-up on. I always wash my face twice a day no matter what. 
2. Always apply sunscreen whenever I'm out and about. 
3. Eat well. Thank God, I don' like snack, oily stuffs and have huge appetite for fruits. I can eat fruit and vegetables all day long to survive. Also, I try to drink lot more water now. I don't smoke and occasionally drink coffee, perhaps twice in a month. 
4. My daily skin care routine is pretty fixed; always apply toner first then facial mask and moisturizer before I go to bed. 

These simple steps have helped me so much over the years to have bright and beautiful skin that I'm having now (my skin used to be very bad last time with lot of pimples and dark circle), I hope it will help you to achieve your amazing flawless skin too. It sounds tedious with all the steps dos and don'ts but trust me, it's all worth it. 

Thank you so much for reading and I'll share with you more about my secrets in the next blog entries! 

Have a great day!  

Disclaimer: This blog entry is proudly sponsored by Bioskin Holdings Pte Ltd. Technical terms, information about the products and services are provided by Bioskin, opinions are on my own. Feel free to contact me if you need further clarification.