Today's blog post is neither about fashion nor beauty, it's about an important topic that I couldn't ignore. It's none other than our health, women's health, to be exact. I always believe that a healthy woman is a pretty woman, which is why it's so important for us to know how to take care of our health. When I was invited by OC Group (thank you Rachel) to the brunch event "Protect to tell- Cervical Cancer", I couldn't say No even though it was held on my resting- day. 

A #selfie shot of my hair and make-up in the cab on the way to Lady M (Fullerton) where the event was organized.  

It was a pretty event with so many lovely pastel colored decorations; from the registration table, to the flowers and the balloons. Even the cakes looked so pretty there.

I dressed up in purple, which happened to match with one of the colors of the event. 

Throughout the brunch, we were shared so many useful information about the 10th most common cancer in Singapore females: CERVICAL CANCER. I wrote the first blog post about Cervical Cancer 4 years ago, and that was the first time I learned about this cancer. 

Just in case you don't know, Cervical Cancer is one of the preventable cancers, and is curable if it's treated in the pre-cancerous stage. Nevertheless, there were still 360 deaths reported out of 960 new cases diagnosed with Cervical Cancer from 2008 to 2012 in Singapore.


Perhaps, many people didn't know about it. Even if they knew, they didn't think that they were diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. Read these common myths below and see if you have the same thinking:  

Photo credits to: GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd

In short, any women with age from 25 to 69 who have had sexual intercourse are at higher rate of developing cervical cancer. You are advised to have you Pap smear test once every three years. Even though HPV Vaccination helps to prevent certain HPV infections and reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer, it does not guarantee that you are 100% protected, thus you need to do a regular Pap smear to detect changes in the cervical cells. 

Cervical Cancer if detected in its early stages can be treated, and the treatment is simple and almost 100% effective. You can go to any gynaecologist to get the Pap smear done, and payment can be claimed via Medisave. 

Please take a good care of yourself and stay healthy because your well-being is not only important to you, but also to many of your loved ones. 

I did my Pap smear and had HPV Vaccination 2 years ago, what about you?


color block,


There is nothing like having a glass of Moscato at the end of a busy day to reward myself. I am not a big fan of wine, but somehow, I became addicted immediately to the delightfully light and refreshing taste of Moscato when I first drank it. The light, perky fizz and natural raciness of the fruity wine instantly make me feel better regardless how tough my day could be. 

Having to deal with so many meetings; problem solving; targets; and deadlines at work constantly gives me so much stress, I need a solution to keep me stay motivated and happy always. Coming home to a glass of crisp and refreshing Moscato is one of the many solutions that I have. Then I realized; a happy day to me was also no longer the day with a lot of parties, clubbing until the next morning. I would rather spend time at home, watch a nice movie, with someone special while drinking my favorite wine instead.  

It's amazing to see how a repeated action can become our habit, and how a habit can become our lifestyle over a period of time. If you were to ask me what would I do to release my stress, you'd likely hear me saying: "Drink a glass of Moscato".

We are what we drink. I've probably drank Moscato too much that I even chose to dress up like one, in the "Moscato" color, with my black-yellow color-block midi dress, on the day I took these photos. 

Thank you so much for reading!
Oasap color-block midi dress- Also love this one, and currently obsessed with this one
H&M Ankle Cuff heels- Also love this one and this one
Rayban Sunglasses- Currently obsessed with this one
Lovisa jewelry- Also love all of these from Max & Chloe


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Saving the best for last, Audi Fashion Festival closed the fashion week by a highly-anticipated Oscar de la Rental Fall 2014 last night. It was one of the shows that I looked forward to the most, and it was totally worth the wait. 

 There were 60 looks with "a lot of special pieces that haven't been seen on the runway before", just like Oscar de la Rental's PR girl, Erika Bearman said. It was a mind blowing show not only to me, but also to almost 600 people in the house last night, I believe. 

I fell in love with every single look that I saw from the runway, from the menswear-inspired clothing in the designer's A/W collection, to the sophisticated peplum dresses, floor length ball-gown and the fairy tale wedding dress. The silhouette, colors, texture and details, everything were pure perfection. That explains why even some of the world most iconic fashion icons like Jaccquline Kenedy, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Diane Vreeland wanted to be dressed up by Mr. De la Renta. 

 Here are my most favorite picks from the amazing fashion show last night. Which one is your favorite? 

Photos by: Audi Fashion Festival


audi fashion festival,


It was a fun, flirty and sparkling party at Audi Fashion Festival 2014 last night with the Fall- Winter collection of a Singaporean-born fashion designer, Dato' Farah Khan. Themed Rock & Roll, Farah Khan's first showcase in Singapore, her homeland, was a tribute to the late British fashion editor Beatrix Miller. 

Inspired by the swinging 1960s in London, the Khan's collection showcased a heavy mix of colors and the Southeast Asian intricate beadwork, added a little bit of glamour to women's everyday wardrobe. 

The fashion show started with a group of models decked out in short skirts, hot pants, sunglasses, and fun sweatshirts with the glaring headlines printed on it "Asia Rocks", "Save The Future", and "Reach For The Stars". Then, things got really swinging with more sequin, beads on the runway. 

Farah Khan continued giving the audience surprise after surprise. If the boy-meets-girl sweatshirt look was an appetizer, the amazing collection of sequined tops, A-line tunics, bohemian beaded dress, and fur collars on shiny materials would be a delicious main course. Farah Khan must be a great chef who knows her recipe well, or a magician who knows how to play tricks with all different types of patterns, materials or both.  

Below are the looks that made me drool last night. 

 Thank you so much for reading!
Photo credit to Audi Fashion Festival


audi fashion festival,


Last night, at The Tent@Orchard, many fashion media, socialites and local celebrities were out in full force to welcome home their son, a Singapore-born Nelpanese fashion designer, Prabal Gurung. 

Prabal Gurung brought with him his Fall/ Winter 2014 collection to open Audi Fashion Festival 2014. It was a spectacular show at all-time high, awaited by many people. As expected, he didn't disappoint anyone. 

Inspired by Cecily Brown (an artist Gurung truly admires) and the villagers in Mustang of the Himalayas, Gurung's Fall Collection was a marriage of urban chic and tribalism. Whether it's the outerwear, casual wear or evening wear, Prabal Gurung F/W 2014 collection reflected the Himalayan beauty and its people from the rich crimson, deep green, and a strong orange color to the draping detail, or a heavy canvas on various textures. He also added the major trend for Fall/ Winter with cut-out details on many dresses. 

We were speechless, and we sat there completely stunned watching what we called "A masterpiece" 

Photo courtesy of Audi Fashion Festival