Crystal Phuong- Singapore Fashion Blogger- Airport style

Happy Monday everyone! 
Finally, I'm back to Singapore after 3 weeks of traveling. This was the first and the longest time I've been out of town for so long. I took some time off from blogging to spend with my family and to recharge myself. It was amazing! 

I was so fortunate to have many opportunities to travel last year and hopefully, I'll have more chances to visit many new places this year. The more I travel, the better I get at packing and planning. Believe it or not, I take my packing seriously and even start thinking about what to wear on a flight a few days before the trip. Recently, I'm all about comfort and practicality when it comes to airport attires. Instead of wearing skinny jeans like I used to, I lean toward boyfriend jeans or track pants to give me more "room" and better blood circulation. If I don't choose to wear sweaters or sweatshirts, a jumpsuit or a trench coat would be my pick like this outfit I wore here and here in my previous trips. A fitted outerwear does not only keep me warm but also makes me look effortlessly chic. It's safe to say that if you see me in a white tee, sneakers, leather track pants, and a long cardigan like this, I must be heading to somewhere far away. 

While writing this blog entry, I already started thinking about what to wear on my next long-haul flight, which happens to be 6 days from now. I don't know what yet, but when I do, you'll be the first to know for sure. 

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Fashion Blogger- Airport style

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Fashion Blogger- Airport chic

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Fashion Blogger- Airport style

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Fashion Blogger- Airport style

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Fashion Blogger- Airport style

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Fashion Blogger- Airport style

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Fashion Blogger- Airport style

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Fashion Blogger- Airport style

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Fashion Blogger- Airport style

Thank you so much for reading!

Photos by: Davin Wangsa

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New Year resolution,

GOOD BYE 2015, HELLO 2016!

Greetings from Vietnam everyone! 
I forget how difficult it is to update my blog while I'm here. With the turtle- speed internet connection and an adorable nephew trying to snuggle next to me, it's hard to get any work done. I'm fully aware of the long overdue blog post "Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016". I thought there is no better time to publish it than the first day of Lunar New Year (Lunar New Year is the first day of a secular, sacred, or other year whose months are coordinated by the cycles of the moon). That's when a New Year truly starts for us. 

2015 was really an exciting adventure for me. I made 6 resolutions last year on this blog and I'm proud to stay that I've accomplished 5 out of 6 resolutions and achieved many other things that were not on my list. Keep reading and you'll find out what they are. I published 118 blog posts last year, many of them are beauty-related posts as promised. From the WORK perspective, I had incredible opportunities to collaborate with some amazing brands last year.

Kicking 2015 off with a one-of-a-kind dinner with Grand Hyatt, a part of their global campaign #LivingGrand

For the first time, I worked with an automobile brand and it's none other than Volvo. It was truly a surreal moment.

Not to mention some of my favorite fashion labels that I had an honor to introduce to you. From a local jewelry brand like Taula

to Icelandic jewellery brand Aurum 

From a popular online-fashion shopping site like Revolve Clothing

to upcoming fashion houses like Styletribute

Michelle Worth (Indonesia)

and FewModa (US)

2015 was also the year of TRAVELING and It wouldn't have happened without Mr. Bear. Knowing how much I love traveling, he really made an effort to bring me to many places, every time we had a long break from work. 

We went to Bali in April

visited Phuket in June and stayed at the Radisson Blu Phuket hotel.

We went back to Bali in July

and found our way to Perth in August for the first time.

I also flew back to Vietnam and spent a week there with my family before my Phuket trip. That's when I decided to have a change in my career. I needed a break. I left a company that I was working with for 5 years and tried something new. Life turned a new page. After months of brainstorming, discussing and crafting, my other "baby" was born. 511Styles, that's how I call it. It's a brand new fashion and lifestyle avenue for me to share a lot more content with you. Please do check it out and give me some feedback. 

After Perth, I packed my luggage again and headed to New York for FASHION WEEK. It's that time of the year again. I didn't prepare for it as much as I did for the first year. No photo shoot pre-arranged, no itinerary booked, and no party confirmed. I decided to go with the flow and be a little more spontaneous this time. The best things always happen unexpectedly and that's the truth. 
I have never thought, in my wildest dream, that I would have opportunities to interview so many amazing fashion designers backstage, at the parties, and at the events. One of them is the world famous fashion designer Zac Posen. I was shaking when I received an email confirming the news. It was a dream come true for me. 

Watch the entire journey that I and my photographer Evelyn filmed it for you. 

Vietnam International Fashion Week (VIFW) happened right after I came back from New York. I had only 2 weeks at home before boarding my flight to Ho Chi Minh in October. It was my first time attending VIFW and as usual, I kept my expectations low. It turned out to be more wonderful event than I'd ever expected. 
I met many great designers including the renowned fashion designer- Kenzo Takada, Australia couture designer- Alvin Fernandez from Alkemi, Dubai couture designer- Ezra Santos and a few others. 

Striking a pose with fashion designer Kenzo Takada on the last day of VIFW. 

With Trang Le, president of Vietnam International Fashion Week. 

Fashion weeks came and went as quickly as a storm but not as fast as time flew. My birthday was around the corner right after I came back from Vietnam Fashion Week. It reminded me that there were only 2 months left to the New Year. I still felt like I hadn't done as many things as I wanted to. Nonetheless, it's time for celebration. 

I had the best birthday celebration this year. Special thanks to Radisson Blu Phuket hotel for arranging everything and Mr. Bear for flying me there. 

I thought 2015 was already at its best for me, but I was wrong. Having won Her World Social Media Awards was something I'd never expected. It closed my 2015 on such a high note. If you read the blog entry about this award here, you'll know why it is so meaningful to me. 

I'm at the stage where I feel so content and happy with what I have in life. Being able to do what I love and surrounding myself with many wonderful people make me appreciate life so much more. I used to have a list of 10 things I wanted to achieve in a New Year. Right now, I can't think of anything to put on my list, but I know for sure one of my New Year resolutions is staying happy, healthy, and positive. I believe that as long as we think positive, positive things will happen. As long as we are healthy, we'll be able to conquer everything. Don't ever lose HOPE and give up on your DREAMS. 

I'm so excited for 2016 as I have already seen some great things in store. I can't wait to share with you about it. May this New Year bring many fantastic opportunities your way, explore every joy of your life, and turn your dreams into reality. 

Thank you so much for being here with me. I couldn't have gone this far without your support. 
Happy Lunar New Year to all my Chinese readers and a Happy New Year to all!