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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.
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Showing posts with label FHM. Show all posts
Party week!

Party week!

Last week was such a busy week for me. Parties all night long from Friday night to Sunday yet I was still busy with loads of daytime works. Slept at 3am, woke up at 7.30am from Friday to Sunday night without fail, I was totally exhausted. However, the parties were all great, fun, happening.

I'm just gonna share with you what I did last week.

On the 5th December, I and Keef went to attend "Crazy Elephant 16 Rocking years party". It was a long time since Se7en1nch opened, we didn't go to Crazy Elephant anymore even though that place was where we first met. We bumped into so many friends around, I couldn't call all the names. I met Curtis who flew from Vietnam to Singapore just few hours ago and first time met up with Le Roi Jones. He came all the way from UK for some gigs in Asia.

 Curtis, I, Keef and Le Roi. God! I look so tanned in the photo, no wonder people keep guessing I'm Filippina, Indonesian or Thailand -_-

 I wore Le Roi's costume. It's so big on me and yes you can see how annoyingly tall he is. Headed up some more.

Friday, 10th December 2010, I went to FHM Christmas rock party @ Bar None. This was the second time I attended FHM Christmas party. The first one was at Movida, read the old post here. The second one this year wasn't so happening as I expected even though, there were some hot babes, hot emcee, and much more crowded than the first one.

 I and Claudie. We first met in the first FHM party, and now we are back again :D

 I and Keef. I love that he always accompanied me to attend such party.

Saturday, 11th December 2010, I was at Se7en1nch for a Curtis King feats Le Roi Jones performing night. This was my most looking forward show of the week!!!!

It was actually a jamming night at Se7en1nch bar by Curtis King band and Le Roi Jones from US. Everything went so well. I guess, that was the best performance ever in our bar. Le Roi is such a genius with all his sense of humor, natural and fun presentation skill on stage.

 Here he is! Up close and personal shot done by me with all the blink blink crystal on his pink sleeveless top. :D

 and when he is on stage with a fierce and serious look :D Or we shall call, A rocky look!

 The audiences enjoyed the show that much. I'm always happy to see them enjoy themselves.

 Outfit changed. He was the only singer who sang at Se7en1nch particularly took care of how his look on stage. I like it! That how a professional stage performer should be regardless how big or small the show is.

Can't remember what song he sang until his face looks so sorrow like that, lolz....

Third outfit! I laughed, No. We all laughed out loud when we saw him in this so called costume. Leopard print and legging, lolz...WTF! :D He wore that to dance with the pole, can you  imagine?

Definitely NOT Le Roi. That's me dancing while Le Roi was signing.

Oh I love this pic

and this one too.

 After the show, Keef, I, Le Roi and Curtis posing at Se7en1nch main entrance.

 I and Shane! He is such a talented guitarist too! 
 He is sweet, kind, decent, good looking and most importantly single and available too. So ladies, he is up for grab, hahahaha. Want to watch his performances? Go to se7en1nch on every Wed, Thurs and Sat from 10pm til late.
Sunday, 12th December 2010, I was really tired after 3 nights in a row. But because I promised Le Roi to give him a CD of all photos and videos I took also that was the last night he jammed in Craze Elephant. Hence, I made my way down Clarke Quay, met up with him and watched his jamming session. I thought i would stay for a while but ended up I left the place at 3am. The next day is blue Monday and I gotta wake up at 7.30am as usual. FML!

That what I did for the last week. I'm sure Christmas and New Year week is gonna be crazy again with loads of events, parties and so on. If you guys want to join me for party, you'll know where to find me. Head down to Clarke Quay and look for Se7en1nch bar. I'll introduce to you many nice people around :) 

Btw, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Holiday is coming soon, woohooo!
Crystal Phuong

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It was such a long time (almost a year) since my first bikini contest at Singapore Import Night 2009, now only I joined the second bikini contest. Receiving an email from the organizer one month before the contest date, I didn't apply until the last submission date as I wasn't sure if I would take part. Half yes, half no. 

Honestly, I felt lazy and reluctant in joining such contest. Not because I don't have any confidence in myself, just we all knew the winner had most probably been pre-selected which we called it "politic issue" *sigh*. However, no doubt, the fun, the joy, the networking, the girl-ish moments were there among the contestants themselves.

All of my Se7en1nch girls joined too, hence I decided to send my submission email at last without any hope of winning -_-. I know where I'm standing and what I'm good at, that's good enough for me. I joined just for fun.

And YES, I had really great time with my friends at Wave House, Sentosa yesterday!!!!!!!!!! 

I and Keef had a little argument in the morning but we managed to settle the problem positively, sweetly, lovingly as usual before I went to work. *wink*. I'd been thinking past few days about how to talk to him about this event, whether he would encourage me to join or he would not like it. To my surprise, after we ended our cold-war, he agreed to go to support me. So damn touched and happy, I swear!
We headed down to Sentosa at 3pm when the sun shined like mad. My self-make up almost wanted to melt out on the way.

I thought I was late but when i arrived none of my girls was there yet, gotta wait for them! Many other contestants were waiting there, WaveHouse staffs were running around on duty, hot boys, girls in their swimsuits, bikini were either wave surfing or sun tanning. Crowded!

We were having some beers and...looking at people, lolz! Half an hour later, the girls arrived and we started our...

I and Keef
With this kinda quality, seriously my iPhone4 makes other killer DSLR cameras used by some so-called photographers die of shame. It's either the camera is suck or the photographer is damn lousy.

I, Christina, Wyn (our supporter), Rebecca.

Rebecca and I.
And now, 
contest time!!!!

We started up with catwalk session. I'm a pro at that haahaha...Used to cat-walking when i was 5 at...home :D after every dinner just to entertain mom and dad. And now, I'm on a real stage!

 Walk to the left

and walk to the right. 

Interviewed by Vernon (Muttons on the Move), the two DJ from 987fm who also hosted the 987fm turns 21 party which i attended last 2 months.

They asked me such a weird questions and I got stuck in finding the answer right on the spot. My questions were:

"On the freaking hot day like today, I will you do to cool yourself down"
I: *huh?* "Errh, most probably I will go swimming since I'm at beach now, having some drinks with friends and chilling out"
"How do you swim?"
I: Awww, I dont really how to swim well, so I will just (showing some actions)
"No, no I meant what will wear to swim"
I: Topless!
"Hah? Here, in this beach"
I: Depends, maybe a private beach *laugh*

That's all my Q&A session, sounds stupid, doesn't it? When I heard the question, I really didn't know what to say so I just answered randomly.
Look at my face when I heard the question from the MC. WHAHAAAAAA!!!!

I regretted not to answer "Probably I will get my favorite drink called "Duck My Sick" and go topless sun tanning". Purpose is to advertise for Se7en1nch bar's special drink *wink*

And that was the only thing we gotta do on stage besides posing untiringly for photoshoot.

 Posing at the banner!

 Photo by xinmsn.com. 

From one random photographer I found on facebook. 

Waiting for my catwalking turn! Tucking in your tummy all the time is a MUST. :D

Waiting for Top 10 announcement. 

All the contestants that day! 

I wasn't in Top10 as what I expected earlier :D but my girls did! Rebecca and Felicia got into Final FHM Top10. I'm so proud and happy for both!

Anyway, it was still a good and fun time i had. By joining such event like that, I actually gained more than I lost: the confident level in speaking in front of the crowd, presenting yourself in public, meeting new people,  new friendship, etc...It was all good! 

Who knows you might see me somewhere in any coming contest??? ;) 
That fun party has added something happening in my weekend. I'm ready to kick start a new week. Have a great week everyone! xoxoxo
Crystal Phuong

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I was invited to attend the FHM Early Christmas party "Santa Has a surprise party" at Movida, St. James Power Station for the first time. I heard of FHM Magazine and have always been a fan. So when I received an invitation to join their party, I was jumping for joy. 

I invited Cloudie Tan, a model turned friend, whom I got to know from ModelMayhem to join me. We were so excited that we discussed what to wear a few days before the party. Cloudie even went to RiverIsland to buy a pair of 5-inch heels (photo below) for S$279. 

When we arrived at St. James Power Station early, there were already a bunch of people standing outside: photographers, guests, organizer and some Santa Claus girls. First thing first, we had to take some photos at the red carpet. 

There were many photographers taking pictures of us as soon as we walked on the red carpet. 

A photo of me and Cloudie taken by Lifestyle asia magazine.

Even the cup mat looked hot tonight. 

FHM is super famous magazine featuring 100 Sexiest women in the world ranking every year. Every woman wants to be on that list. When we are talking about FHM, we are talking about hot girls, beautiful cars and many other things that make the guys go crazy for. This was a door gift from Durex, the sponsor. 

MTV Asia VJ Dennis kicked off the party. She looked incredible, didn't she?

Then we had a beautiful magician on stage, "Magic Babe" Ning. She performed some magic tricks to entertain the audience. She was tied insider her jacket and managed to escape out without untieing the jacket. 

Then we had hot boys on stage dancing Salsa. Not to mention, free drink for the ladies all night long.  

Meeting a new friend at the party.  Cola, me and Cloudie! It was such a fun night we had. All thanks to FHM Magazine. 

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