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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.
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Showing posts with label Hue. Show all posts
Vietnam- Hue Festival (part2)

Vietnam- Hue Festival (part2)

So, after we settled down everything in the hotel, took a nice shower, enjoyed nice cold drink in hot sunny day, when the night came,

It's time for FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!
(I shall bombard you all with lot of  foods from day 1 to day4, whoever is hungry, just scroll the page down as fast as u can to skip this).

First meal with Curtis King band! Nothing special compares to Singapore food!


 Food menu! It's clear enough to read!

The hungry monsters in the band
(Anti-clockwise: Eric, Fumi, Duc, Thanh)

Grilled mackerel with lemon sauce and butter!
Disliked coz it's too dry to eat and that was our first meal (dinner) after a long journey. Most probably, either we were so tired or the foods were suck. But thank God, next day breakfast was much better. 

I'm having my meal at the place which was meant to be for a Queen in the old dynasty. :D

Talking about Vietnam is talking about "Beef noodle". So yum~

Fried mantou or fried pau, by far it's the best pau i ever ate. 

Fresh lychees!

Passiflora incarnata fruit which is told that it's good for digestion. 
Example: Your shitting frequency is 2 times in 5 days. After eating passiflora incarnata fruit (wtf, mad long name), you gonna shit 5 times in 2 days. Try it!

Ok stop the disgusting topic here! Watch out your saliva as I'm gonna throw you some super duper yummy foods. *Jieng jieng jieng*

Crab meat soup with mushroom. It's the real crab meat one with some pepper eating while it's raining and cold outside. I could eat 2 bowls of this.

Grilled beef in wild betel leaf or Wikipedia calls "Lolot" ! Woahhhh

Grilled King-prawn, I love you!!!!!!

Sour fish soup! *swallow my saliva and tongue licks over the lips*

HUGE steamed clams with chili sauce. It's seriously big. One clam is as big as my palm, am not kidding and it's so juicy, omg! I wanted to faint coz of over-satisfaction.

Steamed eggy-crab! Tell me about it, small crab but mad heavy with full of eggs inside. 

We were having this yummlicious (yummy + delicious) meal on the seaside in the afternoon. It was indeed so hot and sunny but surprisingly, the sea-wind could blew all the heat away so that we could enjoy our lunch to the max. :D

When the night came, it's time for Drinking and party and Music Festival show.

Hue-indeed is super quiet city in middle of Vietnam. You hardly see any happening night activity in Hue after 10pm. Every family closes the door, turns off the light either watching TV or sleeping inside. However, during Hue Music Festival, it wasn't that bad.

With the band! From left: Curtis King, Duc, me, Jake the snake.

The band leader: Curtis King and me.

Jake the Snake and me. Believe it or not, this 70 years old plus man could sing much more powerful and better than all the youngster hiphop, rap singers nowadays. Love him! 

on the stage!
The band, not me.

Second night! with awesome Drummer from Japan at the back.

here she is!  She got me so amazed to see her on stage. Such an amazing and talented drummer i've ever met. She is so cute too!

Celebrating after the show at the most happening bar in Hue (according to the rumors)

Hue at 2am! People were still sitting along the road to chill and chat.  It was just 5mins walk-away from my hotel.

It was so so only, drinking and chilling in Hue. You'll get bored if you stay there for 1 week because there aren't much places for you to go. You will most probably end up drinking at the same old place every night.

I was enjoying for my first 2 days with the band and the shows. After that, I was totally attracted by other activity which was:


I put my first step into gambling world!

Casino in the hotel! Mini-casino perhaps! :D

My most favorite game coz it gave me so much money :D

 Dont know how to play this! Pretending only!

I only played the game above. First time ever i tried! Won USD$535 in total!

Looking so calmly while seeing the girl counting money i've won (in Vietnam Dong). In fact, I wanted to jump, Hahaahhaa

Now it's time to show off!!!!!

Wallet became so thick, lolz! So basically, my Hue trip is totally FREE!!!!! How awesome is that???

And now you believe why I fore-told at the previous post that I had the most happening and fun trip ever so far. Not just ended up here, I'm coming back for the part 3 with loads of fun things to seeeee!!!!!

*Just done all photoshopping today, total 1GB of photos for this trip itself. Let's you all digest this bloody long entry first, i'm updating another very soon!

Now, time to dress up for party tonight! ^_^ Wahhh! So busy!


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Vietnam- Hue Festival (part1)

Vietnam- Hue Festival (part1)

I was back 3 days ago and i have no other word beside "AWESOMEEEEE" for my Hue trip. You MUST read til the end to believe me.

It's my best traveling episode ever so far.

Start with the airplane first!

We booked 2 different flights to reach Hue. One is Tiger Airways to reach HoChiMinh city which took us about 1 hour plus and immediately, we gotta rush to domestic terminal to catch our 2nd flight from Ho Chi Minh to Hue.

I was landed and walking from international terminal to domestic terminal to jump onto this airplane.

Vietnam Airlines. Boarding was delayed 30 minutes later as planned but so far it's still ok becoz we needed to rest anyway.

Another 2 more hours passed, we have finally arrived Hue and here is our Hotel!


The hotel is HUGE, clean, beautiful and most importantly, they gave us to stay in SUITE room regardless we only booked Deluxe. How generous they are! :D Once we arrived the hotel, the first thing they did was giving us lemon juice to drink, sitting down at the sofa while waiting for them to do all the checking in process.

On the way to my hotel room...

Let's see what they have offered me here! 

Beautiful living room!

Wooden furniture all around. Everything is made of wood.

And know what? The room has 2 bathrooms. This is the first!

and the second one with bath-tub.

Artistic camwhore with my make-up table.

and HUGE bed!

Mini bar

with different mini-wine bottles. Cute ^_^

Fresh flower changed daily. 

and FREE fresh fruit.

iPod touch and mini speakers.

   NOT from the hotel :D

Beautiful river view from my hotel room.

at day

and night. 
Changing color bridge somemore :D

Tell me if you have any hotel better than this? I haven't even mentioned about the bar, beauty salon, swimming pool, gym and many other stuffs yet. So basically, I'm just a Most Satisfied customer with such good offer.

The hotel is deserved a good camwhore pic from me!

an artistic one! Love the effect!
I will be right back to start with the part2 about my activities in Hue, so stick your ass in this place and do not go to anywhere else :D

I sounded like terrorist, lolz.


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