My most favorite wedding on earth!

October 27, 2010 Crystalicious 0 Comments

Whose else but my dearest cheeky funny brother's one??????

OMG I'm just so happy for him. Finally somebody agreed to marry him, lolz. I, dad and mom have been so worried about he might be single for long time and no one wants to get married with him because his characters, just like rock and roll, funny and forever-immature as what Daddy always annoyingly complains.

Now, everyone 's tension was released. I took 5 days annual leave to fly back Vietnam to attend his wedding and also rewarded myself by a short trip back home. It was so good even though there weren't many night activities there as compares to Singapore and I couldn't visit the Ha Long Bay as planned.

All of my time was packed by the wedding preparation, seeing the relatives and spending sometimes with family. Nevertheless, I was really happy. Loads of cam-whore pics but I might be just putting few only as I didn't have time to photoshop them all yet. First photo to kick start the journey: breakfast with momo

I love taking photo with her.

She is always acting cute when she is with me, I can't stop myself from hugging and kissing on her cheeks. The funny thing is she likes cam-whore like I do, lolz....

That was the first morning in Vietnam. After that we went back home to prepare for the lunch for my family and relatives. You guess how many of them came? Tell me about it, i lost count and heard from mom and daddy, there was almost 100 of them from dad and mom's side.

God Good, I wanted to faint when i see so many people in my house and I couldn't remember all of my relatives -_-. To be honest, I don't like when my house is so crowded, just not used to it at all. Some aunties, uncles asked me "Do you still remember me"- "Oh yes, I remember". They continued "So what is my name"- "Errrhhhh, *silly face* am sorry I can't recall".

Sounds so stupid right? But it's real I swear. What a shame that I couldn't recall my relatives' names. Anyway, thanks God that everyone was busy with the wedding and I had an excuse to run here and there so I was escaped. A night before the actual wedding which is called "Bachelor party" for my bro, we really had a blast and I was so happy to see my babe enjoy the crowd and enjoyed himself. I felt bad coz letting him to stay inside the room for almost a 2 days -_-. We had a good time "bottom up" drinking and K-singing together.

They were challenging my boyfriend to drink. At the end, he challenged them back by eating chilly and drinking at the same time.

Drink again at KTV. Look at my bro's mouth (the one with the black short), lolz

The group was staying up until 2am and amazingly we all could wake up at 7am next day for my brother's big day. He woke up at 4am himself. Next morning, that was the most exciting thing i wanted to do in the weeding: accompanying my brother to pick up the bride :D So fun!

Camwhoring on the way to the bride's house. It was hot and sunny day, yet i was wearing RED

The wedding procedures in Vietnam are pretty simple. The groom just needs to go to the bride's house, picks her up. Both will have to pray, get some gifts from the bride's relatives, serve the bride's parents or grandparents tea and that's it. Leaving the bride's place after half an hour, we went back to my house where my mom was waiting for her daughter-in- law to come in her room to greet her.

My brother looked so tensed so I asked him to smile abit and this was what he did.

Reached home. We head to the hotel thereafter for the weeding lunch, I coincidentally became a photographer of the wedding from the start til the end and poor me, I didn't have time or chance to eat anything at all. Show you some photos i took, quite nice ehhh :D

Wedding cake!

I love this pic, so artistically taken :D

Cutting cake

Pouring wine together

and drink together

I and Keef

with mommy

My sis-in-law who is same age with me

Not sure where Daddy went, he must be busy entertaining his friends that's why i missed out in this family photo

I borrowed the wedding bouquet for camwhoring purpose :D
Post- weeding:
Family time. We went to the beach for a seafood dinner and enjoyed the sea view. The beach wasn't so fantastic because it was low season hence there was no tourist at all but who cared? I just wanted to satisfy my seafood craving.

Seafood dinner by the beach is always the best
My most favorite facial expression, lolz

I'm so happy that my house now have one more person. She can help me to take care of mom and dad while I'm not there with them.

She can cook, take care of the house and take care of my brother too. But again, I'm feeling abit pressure now because after my brother, it will be ME to be in their worry list if i don't get married in next 2 years. *Sigh* I hate to think of that because I don't want to be urged in doing something. Also, obviously I can't urge my boyfriend to marry me, it just sounds so desperate.

Nah, better not think of that too much. Thing will happen when the time is right! Ok Can't imagine that i'm alone while writing this blog entry, boyfriend is busy at the bar to take care of the staffs. *Yuck*. Good night people!