To the best mom on earth

April 27, 2011 Crystal Phuong 2 Comments

Hi dolls,

I'm back again after a long holiday! Guess where I went? Vietnam again, lolz....

The photos about my Chinese new year trip in Vietnam I still haven't had time to upload yet, now here comes another one. There are so many places I haven't explored yet in Vietnam and I want to visit to all places. And this was the most ad-hoc trip ever because I didn't plan for it at all. I had 4 days holiday last week and I felt like I need a break from everything: work, relationship, busy life, etc...and I must find a place where I can de-stress myself. After thinking about many options: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia....I decided to go to Vietnam in the end. And hell ya, I was so damn lucky to book the flight ticket at only S$451 net. Booking on Wednesday, flying off on Friday, lolz...Did I ever tell you that I'm always the "last minute" person? Yes I am! Sorry, can't help!

Back to the main topic, I wanted to write this entry to dedicate to the best mommy in the world (to me) since Mother's Day is just around the corner. Just a short one!

Introducing to you, my cute, sweet mommy:

She is not staying with me now, she is about 2196km away from me and all I can do is to celebrate with her over the phone or through my blog only -_-

Last year, I bought some gifts for her. 2 years ago, I wrote a story about her life on my blog. This year, not decided yet. 

She is my mom but also like my best friend, my sister. I can talk to her everything: quarreling with boyfriend, having bad day at work, late period, feeling nervous, excited, worry, how many times I have sex in a week bla bla bla...She just listens, laughs, worries, scolds and advises me. Most importantly, she is always making me laugh when I'm down. She protects me and my brother from anyone who wants to harm us. 

I'm so proud of my mom. I bring many friends back home and all of them love her because they find she is sweet, friendly and so cute, lolz...

This is what I meant "CUTE"!

Trying to strike a pose for me to take picture. I don't know where the hell she gets this pose from but everytime she does it, I and my dad just couldn't stop laughing. 

Lynn (my new BFF) and my mom! She was the one started this pose first and asked Lynn to follow. 

Lynn just met my mom for 1 day only. They look like mother- daughter while I'm like a strange photographer on the street who wants to take their photo for $5 fee.  

No other word besides sweetness ~

If I had 1 wish, I just wish she and my dad could stay young forever with me. It's just so painful to think she is getting older and older when time flies. My heart breaks every time I know that she is sick :( 
Wish you will be happy every day, Mom! You know, I love you always!

Have you done anything to show your Love to your mom yet? Do it now! Without her, you wouldn't have chance to see the world, to grow up, to be successful like you are today. Treat your mom like how you want your children treat you in return. Just get your ass up and do something even small and simple to her. At the end, your thought that counts

And lastly, say "Happy Mother's Day" !!!