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February 13, 2013 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Hi everyone!

That's right! This is an usual New Year resolution post that I'm writing about. You may think it's too late to write this blog entry in February instead of January but actually it's not. I purposely "reserve" it until Lunar New Year because it's more meaningful and related to me, to my culture. 

But before we move on to the resolution part, let's review what I have achieved in 2012 so far:

2012 was a year of BLOGGING
2012 was a turning point in which I found my true inspiration to blog and a direction where I wanted my blog to go and what my blog would be: a FASHION BLOG. I can now call myself a Fashion Blogger and can go days, months and years talking about fashion and stuffs. It's like finding my true love after 7 years of blogging. How coincident it was to be number 7, again? (my favorite and lucky number if you already knew) 

The good thing was: I didn't have to force myself to write about fashion or to be fashionable all the time. It just came naturally. I made 30 episodes of Crystal's Closet so far, 7 fashion tutorial videos, 2-3 interview  videos with people. These numbers don't seem a lot to a professional fashion blogger but to a one year experienced fashion blogger, it means something. I will try to do more in years to come. 

2012 was also a year of ACHIEVEMENT
Even though I started writing about fashion just a year ago, but this blog has won numerous achievements to my surprise. 

Wearing a beautiful blue gown sponsored by ZADOZE to attend Singapore Blog Award. 

One of the most remarkable achievements of this blog was being nominated in Top 10 Best Fashion Blog in Singapore organized by When I knew it was in top 10, I couldn't believe. How was it even possible? But It was and it even brought many other opportunities to the writer ;)

Second biggest achievement was when I was invited by Nokia to join their Fashion Quest called NokiaLVK organized by Nokia & Leivankash (London jewelry designer) with many other bloggers around the globe to fight for a ticket to London. And guess what, I was the only blogger represented Asia. 

To be honest, It was a tough battle as most of them are so experienced, well-established fashion bloggers whilts I'm like a new kid on the blog. It was such a great learning opportunity and a good exposure to me. 

In the end, Receiving a hand-written card and skull bracelet from Leivankash herself made my entire journey worth it.

After NokiaLVK, Pose (a fashion community website & apps) contacted me to ask if I would like to become one of their fashion trendsetters. I agreed with a big smile on my face. Since then, I've gained many followers and exposure in this fun community. You are not a fashion bloggers, lovers if you are not on Pose, go to Dowload the apps NOW. Please don't forget to follow me on Pose too!

As you can see, I got more serious and committed into this fashion blog thingy and I wanted to make it big. But I won't be successful  if I don't have a good support from you guys, my lovely blog readers. So thank you so much for being here, staying with me, reading my blog and showing some love or even hate. That means a lot to me. 

When my blog grew up, it caught to the eyes of advertisers and sponsors. That's why:
 2012 was a good year of ADVERTISING & SPONSORING. 

At Warmth Holding Pte Ltd endorsed for their luxury handbags & perfume. 

At Sweet Dessert, my lingerie sponsor. 

High Brow, my beauty sponsor. 

Even my nails were taken care of by Celine Lo's Creations. If you want to get your nails done, go to them and quote my name "Crystal Phuong" for 10% OFF. 

Reviewed for The Body Shop & Maybelline cosmetics. 

Did my facial treatment, nose fillers, botox at Astique The Aesthetic Clinic. I'm so glad to announce that they will continue to be my sponsor again in year 2013 ;)

Endorsed for Pachelbel vegan handbag. 

There was no doubt that I received a lot of things from sponsors but I never forgot to share them with you guys, my blog readers. 
In 2012, it was my year of GIVING-AWAY. 

Lingerie exclusive sales to my blog readers

Tommy Hilfiger erfume and Victoria's Secrets bodymists giveaway sponsored by Warmth Holding 

 Bikini giveaway sponsored by Sweet Dessert. 

My very own DIY Collar necklaces giveaway

 Versace bag Giveaway

This was to thank to my loyal blog readers, my true supporters and fans. I promise I will host more and more giveaway on my blog in 2013. 

Besides all the online- achievement, I made an effort to go offline more last year. 2012 indeed was a year of EVENTS, NETWORKING. 
I was invited to attend numbers of events, networking sessions, fashion shows etc...It was really nice to meet more new people in the industry. 

At FANCL Ballet of Beauty event 

ZARDOZE Fashion Show

STYLO Fashion Show 

At Estee Lauder official launch: Very Estee

Red carpet moment at Julien Fuornie fashion show at Fide Fashion Week. 

At Julien Fournie Fashion Show mid last year. 

With 2 lovely ladies from HBO Channel: Linda Black & Angelique Teo at LAB Series event- party. 

With my fellow Vietnamese sweetheart, Youtube guru Michelle Phan who came to Singapore in July last year for Lancom event. She gave me lot of inspiration.

 With Mike at the Standard Chartered Bank event: The Good Life 

 With Angelique Teo again at Marc Anthony True Professional official launch. 

Despite all the hectic schedules, busy work-life, I also managed to have sometimes for myself to travel aboard. 2012 wasn't a year of TRAVELING but it was a year of FREE TRAVELING

I had all of my oversea holiday trips paid for by Streetdirectory. Thank you very much!
 From the beautiful

and sexy Bali 

to the shopping paradise Bangkok. 

There was 1 more trip to Ho Chi Minh last year but it was postponed to earlier this year, I'm gonna update you about it once I'm back. I'm not sure if there will be more traveling for me this year but I know for sure Taiwan is in the list. I can't wait for that trip though.

Things seemed to be in the progress for me last year but that doesn't mean there weren't many obstacles happened along the way.

2012 was also the year of CHANGE intentionally & unintentionally.

I changed my hair from this:
to this:

Apparently, many people said I look good with short hair so I assumed it was a good change. I love my short hair now, it's so easy to take care & maintain. 

I changed house not once but twice. From medium room to a smaller one and from the small room to a big one like this with my own walk-in closet, shoes cabinet are to die for. 

I gave this one up and went back to the medium one. I knew, I was little crazy but It wasn't my intention though. At least, I'm happy with where I am now and I hope the next house moving will be for good. 

Boyfriend? No I DID NOT change boyfriend as what I was initially afraid of. Like many other couples, we have been and are still going through so many challenges, difficulties together but we are still here, can't go a day without seeing each other.

To sum it up, 2012 is an interesting year. I made a detailed resolution last year and look what I have accomplished. 

5/ 14 success rate. 

Many things didn't happen as what I planned earlier. On the other hand, whatever happened was totally out of my expectation. Now looking back to my 2012 resolution, I felt it's rather unrealistic and I realized one thing: I liked to list down all the temporary WANT instead of focusing on achieving the permanent NEED. Sometimes we just need to let the nature take its course and try not to conquer everything our way. With that thoughts, I've had here my 
Resolution for year 2013

1.  Work harder and be a good manager. 
2.  Blog more often. 
3.  Make more fashion, beauty video tutorials.
4.  There will be more giveaways on my blog
5.  Travel to at least one country that I've never been before. 
6.  Learn to be more patient, more understanding and more tolerant. 
7.  Not hold my anger for too long. 
8.  Control my short-temper. 
9.  Enjoy the present and not worry too much. 
10. Make more money
11. Dance more often. 
12. Shop less. Save more. 
13. Think positively whenever things get messed up. 
14. Take a good care of my health. 
15.  Stay Happy! Stay Happy! Stay Happy!

Being positive and staying happy were the main things I wanted to achieve this year. I believe that only when we are happy, we can make other people around us happy too, we can be productive at work, we can do many great things with positive mind. The more we are upset, negative and grumpy, the worse thing will happen. People always complain "Why are there many shitty things keep happening to me?" and forget to ask themselves "Have I been looking at my problem positively?"

In conclusion (before this blog entry gets too lengthy), this is going to be a good year and I'll make the best out of it. I have a confidence that I will be able to fulfill this year resolution. We shall review it again at the end of 2013. ;). 

What would your New Year Resolution be? Please share with me at the comment section. Thank you so much for reading my blog once again! I hope you enjoy this flashback moment with me and find something interesting and useful. 

See you in the next post!